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❵president's message COLLABORATION FOR THE SAKE OF PROSPERITY T HANKS FOR PICKING up the Spring 2014 issue of Toronto Builder. This edition shines some light on BILD's most recent advocacy efforts in collaboration with the Ontario Home Builders' Association. Our cover story, which can be found on page 12, discusses our Association's role in the 80-day provincial consultations that concluded in January. The consultations were split up into two discussions. One focused on Ontario's land-use planning system and decision-making process, while the other revolved around the financial components of the development process. Over the past decade, the cost of new homes has increased tremendously due to a number of factors related to public policy. By working collaboratively with our industry and government partners, we hope to help members of our Association build quality, complete communities that people in the GTA can afford to purchase. BILD has been active in communicating with the industry, government and general public about By Bryan Tuckey President and CEO, BILD the challenges and opportunities surrounding this consultation process. We continue to facilitate a fact-based, solution-oriented discussion in daily newspapers, radio programs, television and online resources such as our official blog and social media. Some other highlights found in this issue of Toronto Builder include an introduction to our 2014 board of directors and executive officers, who will assist our 2013-2014 chair Steve Upton in leading this Association into continued prosperity. On page 16 you can read about the winners of our most recent Associate Awards - a competition recognizing our top associate members for quality, service, professionalism, leadership and innovation when working together with a builder or renovator on delivering a new-home or renovation project. I sincerely hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to working collaboratively with all of you as we build a greater GTA. Bryan Tuckey President and CEO, BILD Toronto Builder * Spring 2014 * 11

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Chair’s Message
President’s Message
BILD – Your Voice in Government
BILD Reveals Winners of 2013 Associate Awards
Condo Builders Salute Water-Filtration Firm
Board and Executive Committee
RealNet GTA Market Update
2014 Calendar of Events
Marketing Partners and Corporate Sponsors
New Members
Suppliers Guide
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Toronto Builder - Spring 2014