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how i obtained justice for my client From BY MICHAEL NEFF The Story of Gangs, Violence, and a $35 Million Verdict 10 Georgia Trial Lawyers Association N ineteen-year-old Josh Martin went to Six Flags Over Georgia with two friends on July 3, 2007. One of Josh's friends just got accepted into college, and Josh and his friends were there to celebrate. The trio spent several hours in the park before deciding to call it a day and catch the bus home. Unfortunately, they just missed a bus that was leaving. While waiting for the next (and last) bus, they sat on a guard rail on Six Flags' property. As they waited, Josh and his friends had no idea about the danger that had been percolating at Six Flags that day. Josh had no idea that soon he would be the subject of an unprovoked attack and would be beaten into a coma by Six Flags' own employees. Working Together for Justice Shortly after I accepted the case, I knew two basic facts: 1) the beating occurred at or near a bus stop serving Six Flags; and 2) either many or all of the assailants were Six Flags' employees. I also knew from Six Flags' own media response to the beating that the company would defend the case by arguing that the beating technically did not occur on its property. The bus stop was a little beyond the property line. Thus, I realized the case would require some extensive discovery, depositions, and a fight over apportionment. While my firm is accustomed to handling large cases from discovery through a verdict, I had several other large cases that would require my focus at the time. So, I enlisted the help of Gil Deitch and Andy Rogers to act as co-counsel. The myriad of legal fights coupled with the likely intense discovery battle would need all of us working together to achieve justice for Josh. Fortunately, we had the benefit of monitoring the criminal investigation as it progressed. That time also allowed us to plan our strategy and get organized before filing suit. However, all of our planning could not prepare us for the shocking discoveries we made during the course of the litigation. Gang Members on the Six Flags Payroll When I took the case in 2007, I had no idea that Six Flags had a gang problem at the Park. Worse yet, the problem included

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