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the rebirth of Ceccato italian manUfactUrer retUrns to the car wash inDUstrY italian entrePreneUr lorenzo Dal Maso hopes to restore the confidence and reputation of a pioneer in the professional car wash industry. The once darkened Ceccato factory, which closed in 2012, has been reopened by new ownership with goals to return to peak production levels. "It's necessary to believe in a company like this, which still has a name known around the world," Dal Maso said. "Let's start with realistic goals, but the intention is to grow and return to the levels of production that the company had until the early 21st century. Ceccato, an Italian manufacturer of automatic car wash systems with pre-World War II beginnings, was once one of the largest manufacturers of car wash systems in the world. earlY historY Dr. Pietro Ceccato founded the eponymously named company in 1936. Ceccato, who was trained as a chemist and pharmacist at the University of Padua, had a keen interest in engineering and design. While he initially planned to succeed his father in the family's pharmacy business, his other interests led him to pursue a career in manufacturing. His first company was FIPA (Italian Factory Guns and Air Brushes), which produced guns for spraying paint and lubrication. His second company, Ceccato SpA, began producing furnace burners, and then equipment for service stations. Ceccato SpA's growth created a company town that was eventually named Alte Ceccato, a village that is still recognized today. (Ceccato is today headquartered in nearby Vicenza, approximately 60 kilometers west of Venice.) Housing, stores and a church were all built for the workers, which employed hundreds of people by the early 1940s. Ceccato had a passion for motorcycles. In 1934, he won a national championship in the 500 cc engine category. Prior to his untimely death at the age of 51 in 1956, Ceccato began pursuing one of his passions by experimenting in the design of motorcycles. By 1961, Ceccato was producing more than 60,000 motorcycles per year. moDernization anD growth In 1956, Dr. Pietro Ceccato began pursuing one of his passions by experimenting in the design of motorcycles. After the founder's death, ownership transferred to the Lamb and Goat families. The new owners decided to focus the company in the areas of air compressors, service station equipment and a growing line of car wash equipment. The car wash division began in 1957 and production was quickly escalating. While the history is incomplete, Ceccato likely created the first automatic car wash production line, at least the first of any significant output. fall 2014 | car wash magazine | 51

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