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Let your site onsite marKeting camPaigns can PaY big DiViDenDs to car washes BY NICK SOHN sUre, YoU Know how to get a car clean. But your car wash location isn't just where the suds hit the side panels; it's where you solidify your relationship with your customers to ensure that they keep coming back. Are you adequately marketing your car wash operation onsite? Here are some ideas to build your brand. create a branD mascot This theme has triggered something of an arms race in the auto-insurance industry, with Progressive heavily featuring its humorous spokeswoman, Flo; State Farm showcasing star basketball player Chris Paul and his fictitious twin brother, Cliff, who is an insurance agent; Geico featuring its ubiquitous gecko lizard mascot; and Allstate using an actor portraying a character called Mayhem, who shows the various ways things can go wrong for drivers. At Progressive locations, it's common to find life-sized cardboard cutouts of Flo that customers sometimes take pictures 60 car wash magazine | | fall 2014 with, and every time one of those photos ends up on Facebook, the company's brand is being promoted. Car wash chains could use similar mascots, such as person dressed in a costume holding a sign advertising the company to motorists passing by. But a word of caution: Choose your mascots carefully. In 2011, the Ice Cream Family Corner and Sandwiches shop in Ocala, Florida, got national media attention when its mascot, a man dressed as an ice cream cone, was mistaken by some motorists as a member of the Ku Klux Klan because the costume featured a white hood adorned with rainbow sprinkles. Such a misstep can doom a brand. But don't be afraid to look a bit ridiculous. Umair Suri, who owns more than a dozen retail locations across northeastern New Jersey, said paying someone to stand outside your location in an outlandish costume can be a very effective way to market onsite. Suri said he frequently hired people dressed as video game icons Mario and Luigi to stand outside his Play N Trade video game stores.

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