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letter from the ica not long ago in our official International Carwash Association LinkedIn group, the question was posed "How do you get the message out that washing a car regularly is important?" The answer is easy. The most tangible way we've been moving the proverbial needle has been through our WaterSavers program. Since 2009, ICA has been using its WaterSavers program to help spread the message of the benefits of the professional car wash. Over the years, the program has evolved, and we've seen a dramatic increase in program engagement over the last two years. Is it really helping? Data in the new 2014 ICA Consumer Study indicates that 71.6 percent of respondents wash their vehicle most often at a professional car wash. That number is up from 65.6 percent in 2008. We began WaterSavers in 2009. That's not to say that WaterSavers is the only reason that people are washing their vehicle at professional car washes, but it's certainly helping. More importantly, it provides a single voice to get behind as we try to reach consumers with the benefits of using a professional wash. Through WaterSavers, we're running yearround consumer facing campaigns to tell the story of the professional car wash. In 2013, we had more than 100 million impressions through our various campaigns. We featured pre-packaged press releases to print and digital media outlets, as well as social campaigns aimed at influential bloggers and their audiences, along with targeted drought communication efforts through Facebook campaigns. In 2014, we're continuing with everything from 2013, and we've added a targeted digital advertising buy on behalf of WaterSavers members to drive consumers to use the WaterSavers Locator feature on the site. The digital ads ran through the month of August and appeared on major brand websites for consumers in zip codes where our more than 1,350 WaterSavers locations exist. The ads also utilized sophisticated remarketing, meaning if they didn't use the locator, they'd receive additional WaterSavers ads. We are continuously looking at ways to spread the message of using professional car washes, and will no doubt explore additional digital strategies in 2015 to supplement our ongoing efforts. If you want to be part of the effort, be sure to enroll your location in WaterSavers (included with the premium operator membership package). Fittingly, inside this edition of CAR WASH Magazine, you'll find several articles around the concept of marketing that should help you get ideas on how you can better reach consumers with that always important message of the benefits of using a professional car wash. You'll also find our usual array of industry information, professional profiles and another marketing missive from our friend Champ Savage. As always, if there is something you'd like to see covered that we haven't already or if you have a suggestion for how we can make this publication more valuable, please don't hesitate to let us know. Sincerely, the official PUblication of international carwash association® 230 EasT OhiO sTREET suiTE 603 ChiCaGO, iL 60611 WWW.CaRWash.ORG +1 (888) 422-8422 iNFO@CaRWash.ORG ica staff eric wUlf ChiEF EXECuTiVE OFFiCER EWuLF@CaRWash.ORG claire moore ChiEF OPERaTiNG OFFiCER CMOORE@CaRWash.ORG carrie north DiRECTOR OF saLEs CNORTh@CaRWash.ORG megan clarK DiRECTOR OF MEMBERshiP MCLaRK@CaRWash.ORG matt Dewolf DiRECTOR OF MaRKETiNG & EDiTOR-iN-ChiEF MDEWOLF@CaRWash.ORG Jan-maarten hoes CaR Wash shOW EuROPE saLEs JaN-MaaRTEN@CaRWash.ORG marY smith TRaDE shOW DiRECTOR MsMiTh@CaRWash.ORG eDitorial anD aDVertising staff JUlie ahlgren MaNaGiNG EDiTOR Jill anDreU PuBLishER heather mcmillen saLEs MaNaGER rebecca wentworth MaRKETiNG laYoUt anD Design GORDON KLassEN aDVertising sales ChRis ChiCCaRELLO, KRYs D'aNTONiO, aDaM FiREsTONE, JaNET FRaNK, BiLL LOVETT, DEBBi MCCLaNahaN, JasON RuPPERT, JaMiE WiLLiaMs, JasON ZaWaDa PUblisheD bY Matt DeWolf Director of Marketing & Editor-In-Chief +1 (612) 293-4256 sEPTEMBER 2014/iCW-Q0314/4647 for aDVertising inQUiries, PLEasE CONTaCT hEaThER MCMiLLEN DiRECTLY aT (352) 333-3477. © 2014 NaYLOR. aLL RiGhTs REsERVED. ThE CONTENTs OF This PuBLiCaTiON MaY NOT BE REPRODuCED BY aNY MEaNs, iN WhOLE OR PaRT, WiThOuT ThE PRiOR WRiTTEN CONsENT OF ThE PuBLishER. fall 2014 | car wash magazine | 9 http://WWW.CaRWash.ORG

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Car wash industry loses a true legend
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CAR WASH - Fall 2014