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SPRING 2014 ® The official publication of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading What's Next for Aviation Financing and Leasing? Assessing the Strengths and Weaknesses in the Market Q&A: Pete Seidlitz, President, Bristol Associates, Inc. Also Inside: 2014 Aircraft Financing-A Manufacturer's View Aviation History: Early Polar Aviation

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jetrader - Spring 2014

A Message from the President
Q&A: Pete Seidlitz, President, Bristol Associates, Inc.
Financial and Leasing Update for 2014
2014 Aircraft Financing— A Manufacturer’s View
ISTAT Videos Spotlight the Breadth of Aviation Careers
Lewis University Flight Team Soars Above the Competition
ISTAT Holiday Receptions Rock the Globe
Omni Air International, Inc. Contributes $100,000 to ISTAT Foundation
Aviation History
Aircraft Appraisals
ISTAT Foundation
ISTAT Members on the Move
Advertiser Index

Jetrader - Spring 2014