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Q&A A rendering of the E175-E2. John Slattery Embraer, Chief Commercial Officer Jetrader had the opportunity to speak with John Slattery, Embraer's chief commercial officer, during ISTAT Americas. Slattery was a speaker on the Manufacturers Panel: Smaller Jets during the annual conference in March. Here, Slattery shares his vision for the E2 family of jets, Embraer's ever-expanding operator base and his experience with ISTAT. Jetrader: Can you start off by introducing the E2? John Slattery: We have a philosophy at Embraer of continuous development, and that has already been demonstrated very meaningfully on the current generation of the E-Jet family. As a natural progression of that DNA, at some point there would be a step change in the platform. The key driver for that was the introduction of the new engine technology that was adopted by both Airbus and Boeing, and it required Embraer to ensure that the next generation of aircraft for the next couple of decades, into the 2020s and 2030s, would continue to be competitive as complementary aircraft to the Airbus and Boeing products. We don't compete with Airbus and Boeing, but from a  direct operating cost perspective, we need to be complementary to those aircraft. So there was a step change-in engine technology, principally-and of course, that has also been adopted by those that would be more obvious competitors to Embraer. Jetrader * Summer 2014 11

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