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Q&A John Grant Senior Analyst, OAG Jetrader caught up with John Grant, senior analyst, OAG, the market leader in aviation data and analysis, to hear how big data is changing the aviation industry. OAG is a United Kingdom-based business providing aviation information and analytical services sourced from its proprietary airline schedules, flight status, fleet, MRO and cargo logistics databases. Read on to hear what Grant thinks will transform the business in the years to come. Jetrader: Tell us about OAG and its role in the aviation analytics industry. John Grant: Our main focus is around both airline schedule and flight data information. We capture about 96 percent of the world's scheduled flight data information each day. The granularity of that information varies by geographic market. In North America, it is extremely accurate and includes the aircraft tail number and the gate information for the arrival airport. It's extremely useful information in beginning to understand the complexity of data and the performance of your own business and competing businesses and airports. Anyone who is looking at any operational issues or who wants to understand the relative performance of a particular fleet of aircraft or a series of aircraft can come to us and get a data extraction and combine that with their expertise and knowledge. JT: Talk about the role of big data in aviation. What are some of the greatest areas of potential for aircraft lessors, manufacturers and airlines? JG: We have so much data in the aviation industry that it's almost incomprehensible to think about all the pieces of data and analytics that are available at our disposal. If you consider the passenger perspective, there are probably 10 people who look to fly on any particular seat before a reservation is actually made. The amount of inquires that are being made into reservation services every day around the globe is phenomenal, and the time taken to book is, bizarrely, increasing year-on-year as we look for more insight. Each and every one of those searches is a valuable piece of information because it tells you the route the person is interested in traveling, when they were thinking C O M M E R C I A L A I R C R A F T L E A S I N G | AV I AT I O N F I N A N C E S O L U T I O N S Lease Leading the way in twin-engine widebody aircraft leasing. Stamford Singapore Dublin Phone: +1 203 905 4220 Phone: +65 6408 0192 Phone: +353 1 901 8400

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