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ISTAT foundation 2015 ISTAT Foundation Humanitarian Program By Julian Balaam, ISTAT Foundation Humanitarian Chair The remote Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte (RAAN) region of Nicaragua is home to around a quarter of a million indigenous tribal people. The people here have minimal access to either the routine or emergency medical and dental care that most of us take for granted. In early 2015, the ISTAT Foundation awarded a humanitarian grant to the U.S.-based charity Wings of Hope to provide essential funding for its vital work: using a Cessna 172 aircraft to bring medical specialists to and evacuate the seriously ill from the villages of this impoverished region. In one of his recent field reports, Wings of Hope pilot and field director for Nicaragua T.J. Stewart sums up the impact that this work, funded by an ISTAT Foundation grant for a six-month period from March to September 2015, has on the lives of those needing assistance. "I'm really afraid - and it really hurts." Immediately, my heart goes out to this brave young girl, who is making her first trip to the dentist alone. I try to reassure her by telling her the story of when I had to go to the dentist because I knocked a tooth out playing football. She laughs when I tell her it was because I ran into the field goal post ... While the extraction is taking place, I hold her hand and try to distract her by pointing out things that are in her gaze. The tooth comes out fairly easily, and she EXTENDING THE LIFE CYCLE Magellan Aviation Group is dedicated to ensuring our warehouses are stocked and ready to satisfy your requirements. We are active purchasers of regional and commercial aircraft and engines, so if you want to sell or consign, buy or lease, Magellan can meet your needs. 745612_Magellan.indd 1 Jetrader  *  Winter 2015 47 4/25/15 8:16 AM

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Q&A: John Grant, Senior Analyst, OAG
ISTAT Europe: A High-Flying Success
The ISTAT Quarterback
State of the Regions: Asia & Middle East
Old Guys Rule
ISTAT Foundation Sponsors Herb Kelleher Trophy
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Jetrader - Winter 2015