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ASSOCIATION Annual Conference The conference for higher education ancillary services W e are the business of higher education: bookstores, dining halls, campus card systems, housing, and more. This is the conference where our professional peers gather from around the world. Where new ideas are shared. Where inspiration is created. Where an industry discovers the solutions of tomorrow. This is where everything changes. it's time to rethink what a conference is, what education means, how an exhibit hall should function. shouldn't your annual conference be more than just an event? 10 CO LLEGE SERVI CE S | F aLL 2014 More than just a social gathering? shouldn't it be where ideas are discovered and where solutions are born? We think so. and that is why Montréal is where everything changes. it's where we "vive la différence" in the business of higher education. opened in 1983, the Palais des congrès de Montréal has welcomed more than 5,500 events and 15 million visitors. Famous for its ultramodern facilities, contemporary architecture, and abundant natural light, the Palais is the perfect location to network with industry leaders.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of College Services - Fall 2014

Opening Remarks: Presidential Perspective
The conference for higher education ancillary services
Explore the Business Solutions Center in Montréal
Welcome to Montréal
University dining as a “third place” experience, the next big thing
Students not ready to part with print
Farm to campus
Is it time for a wellness check of your auxiliaries?
Creating a customer-centric culture
Leaving a footprint
Sustainable campus food: For people, planet, and profit
Regional Conferences
Congratulations Kevin D’Onofrio, United States Military Academy West Point
Professional Development Calendar
In Closing: Executive Summary
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College Services - Fall 2014