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FEATURE Dining Services University dining as a "third place" experience, the next big thing Creating the sense of community that adds to the university value proposition TR É AL M OANA S 2 0 1 4 C N tor xhibi this e # 610 Find ooth at B BY SUSAN WILKIE AND MARION EDWARDS U niversity dining services everywhere are facing a challenge. students are reassessing the value proposition of their institutions. To create an environment that fosters and promotes that value proposition requires campus venues that deliver on the feeling of community. For one university in California, a plan has been put together that translates the best and most relevant macro and micro restaurant trends, captures the student and university customer voice, applies technical research, and designs a unique community-based dining solution to create a true "third place" environment for a modern dining services experience. urban sociologist Ray oldenburg coined the term third place to distinguish a location where people gather outside the familiar places of home, school, and work. our first place is home. second place is work (or for the student, higher education campuses). Third place is that anchor of community life that facilitates and fosters broader, more creative interaction. The fresh thinking about this is the intentionality of seeking out a third place as vital to current societal needs. 22 CO LLEGE SERVI CE S | F aLL 2014 CREATE a neighborhood vibe. BUILD community culture. PROMOTE healthy lifestyles with INSPIRING food experiences. DELIVER financial results. So how do you create that sense of third place community that adds to the university value proposition? Like all universities, Cal Poly san Luis obispo, located about halfway between Los angeles and san Francisco, California, faces these challenges. The town of san Luis obispo encompasses 13 square miles of farm land, vineyards, rolling hills, and sandy beaches as well as a small town charm that delights the population and tourists. art, wine tasting, cultural activities, farmers markets, and quaint shops frame the essence of this place. Restaurants are independently owned and operated with little penetration of outside brands. Cal Poly san Luis obispo, Laurus College, the university of La Verne, and Cuesta College are all located here. This is a college town. The story begins with strategic planning work, grounded in the nuts and bolts of the technical research: * Guiding principles are established to influence the decision making. * On-campus research includes interviews, focus groups, and campus surveys to understand the buying behaviors and satisfaction for the food service locations and the meal plans. * Peer campus benchmarking is used to determine how the dining services are positioned compared to competitors. * A demand and capacity study is used to identify the current situation and future demand for facilities in terms of points of service, location, velocity, and concept. * Operations, financial, and facility assessments are conducted to understand the boundaries and factors in development. once these issues are understood, we apply the design filters of a true third place environment: * Neutral Ground "I am here because I want to be, not because I have to be here." * Leveler "I am just as important as the senior next to me."

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Opening Remarks: Presidential Perspective
The conference for higher education ancillary services
Explore the Business Solutions Center in Montréal
Welcome to Montréal
University dining as a “third place” experience, the next big thing
Students not ready to part with print
Farm to campus
Is it time for a wellness check of your auxiliaries?
Creating a customer-centric culture
Leaving a footprint
Sustainable campus food: For people, planet, and profit
Regional Conferences
Congratulations Kevin D’Onofrio, United States Military Academy West Point
Professional Development Calendar
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College Services - Fall 2014