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Symptom #5: My newest employee had the nerve to ask
me for a raise yesterday! He said he thought he deserved
one because he's been here 6 months already. He's so
Every generation tries to give their children more
opportunities than they had. Fifty years ago we were a cashbased society that had to save up for what we wanted until
we finally earned it. But since the 1980s, credit cards have
been widely used by most middle class families and above.
We live in a society today of immediacy - not just with stuff,
but with everything. Drive-throughs and online merchants
such as Amazon allow us to get what we want now. Looking
for information? Just Google it! We are forced to wait for very
little these days and that on-demand world is the only world
today's young workers know. Since this generation was the
first to have parents with credit cards, it's no wonder they
were spoiled more than previous generations, and it's no
wonder their expectations in the workplace are higher as well.
So what does all this mean???

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Diagnosis: The New Workforce Mindset Needs a New
Management Mindset


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04/03/16 8:12 pm

If there is a new workforce with a different mindset, what
are the solutions or "treatment options" for relieving the
symptoms of frustration and lack of control? I suppose you
could choose to put your head in the sand and hope the
situation works itself out. (Let me warn you, this is not a
storm you can weather!) As everyone knows, the definition of
insanity is to keep doing the same thing yet expect different
results. Here are just a few of the strategies we'll talk about
in November at the KAHCF Game Plan for Success Annual
Meeting in Louisville:
1. Get to know your people. Strong relationships lead
to longer employee tenure. We'll discuss specific ways
to start and continue meaningful conversations with
your employees, and you can watch your organization
transform as you begin to treat your internal customers
(your employees) more like your external customers.
2. Show gratitude in all you do. We'll talk about unique
ways to show your employees how much you appreciate
them and talk about WHY it's critical to do so. Most people
spend eight or more hours a day at work, and they want
that time to be pleasant and valued by their employer.
Otherwise your employees will look over the fence to
see if the grass is greener - or more appreciated - on the
other side.
3. Coach like the pros. We'll talk about traits and
characteristics that all winning coaches share and learn
ways to translate those skills into valuable tools for
everyday leadership. Imagine what your day would look
like if you had less hand-holding and more self-reliance
from your people.
Recruiting and retaining talented people doesn't have to
be difficult or make you feel ill. With the proper training
you can help set yourself and your organization apart by
creating a place where people WANT to work. It's time to
become that healthier, successful workplace!

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