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No Such Thing as a Dull
Moment in Our Profession
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success - Henry Ford


n April 2017, the newly elected Kentucky Association of
Health Care Board of Directors was sworn in at the annual
Quality Summit in Lexington, Kentucky. In July, the new
KAHCF Board conducted its first board meeting, which
included several individuals who have not previously served
on the Association's Board. In the 63 years that the Association
has existed, we have relied on dedicated board and committee
volunteers, as well as the grassroots efforts of our members
for our success.
Working together, we were able to claim both the passage of
the medical review panel bill and the truth in advertising bill
as victories in 2017. Both pieces of legislation were officially
signed by Governor Matt Bevin in March and the long-term
care profession gathered in the Capitol rotunda on June 27th
for Governor Bevin's ceremonial signing of the medical review
panel bill. After coming off a successful 2017 legislative session,
we were hopeful for a quiet summer.
While it would be easy to take a breather, we know that there
is no such thing as a dull moment in our profession. Soon,
all eyes were on Washington, D.C., to see whether Congress
would make significant changes to the way Medicaid is funded,
which would have resulted in reimbursement cuts to skilled
nursing facilities. With the help of the strong advocacy of the
American Health Care Association, our members again worked
together to let Congress know that we want Medicaid funding
protected. Although it is still unclear what will happen with
the "repeal and replace" of the Affordable Care Act - one thing
is true - skilled nursing facilities were heard in Washington,
D.C. Both Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine and

By Betsy Johnson
KAHCF President
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer referenced protecting
Medicaid for nursing facility residents as a reason to vote
against the various proposals to "repeal and replace."
Then, on June 29, 2017, a lawsuit was filed challenging the
constitutionality of the medical review panel legislation.
And, on July 13, 2017, the Cabinet for Health and Family
Services filed significant changes to the certificate of need
state health plan criteria for short-term rehabilitation beds.
Both of these developments required the KAHCF Board,
under the leadership of recently elected Chair Terry Skaggs,
to take affirmative action. The Board voted unanimously for
the Association to hire legal counsel to protect the rights of
the Association's membership in the medical review panel
litigation. Additionally, the Board agreed that the changes to
the need criteria in the state health plan required immediate
communication with the membership - and action by us all
to voice our concerns with Frankfort policymakers.
Although we are now facing some uncertainty in areas of
vital importance to our membership, we will continue to work
together to combat these challenges. Fall is right around the
corner - and that means the Association's annual meeting
in November will soon be here. The annual meeting is the
perfect opportunity for us to share stories and to compare
notes on mutual challenges - but most importantly - to come
together; stay together; and work together toward the common
goal of achieving success for the long-term care profession
in Kentucky.
We look forwarding to seeing you at the Galt House in
Louisville on November 14 through November 16!

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