The Western Journal 2018 - 15


Engaging Indigenous Peoples, New
Canadians, Women & The Next
Generation in careers in the skilled
construction trades


he Canadian construction industry

belong to an organization that works for the

Build Together works with like-minded

has an aging workforce and, in the

welfare of its members and the betterment of

organizations who provide workshops,

coming decade, will lose almost a

their families.

materials and diversity training that provide

quarter of its skilled workers to retirement.

leadership, both at the office and site level,

At the same time, forecasts indicate that

We want to reach First Nations, Metis and

with the information, tools and protocols they

in the medium to long term the industry

Inuit (FNMI) people who are interested

need to enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards

will continue to grow. To fill the vacancies

in working in Canada's building trades.

unwelcome behaviour. Change must come from

left by retiring Baby Boomers and meet

CBTU recognizes that the most successful

the top down, but the benefits of a safe and

the demands of anticipated growth, the

Indigenous recruitment and retention

welcoming work environment will be felt by

industry will need to recruit and train new

programs integrate Indigenous input and

organizations instantaneously. When workplace

workers; approximately 300,000 additional

involvement right from the beginning,

culture is inclusive and staff moral increases,

workers many of whom will have to come

building in collaboration with, and for,

ultimately productivity and efficiency improves.

from underrepresented populations: youth,

Indigenous people.

Research suggest in work environments where

women, new Canadians, visible minorities and

employees feel valued teamwork increases,

Indigenous Peoples. Canada's Building Trades

Women make up only 4% of our industry.

which leads to decreased absenteeism and

Unions (CBTU), through Build Together, their

The numbers of women in construction

employee turnover. Our industry needs to

Workforce Development Program is focused

has remained unchanged for years. The

attract and maintain a diverse workforce to

on the recruitment and retention of these

tradeswomen of Build Together, together with

survive and that means we need to create a

workers from underrepresented portions of

industry support-plan to change this.

workplace that's attractive to all people.

the population.
CBTU has demonstrated their commitment

Building on our work for a more respectful,

Young people are struggling to find permanent

to ensuring recruitment efforts are not lost by

inclusive and diverse workforce, CBTU's

work with a decent wage. Many are graduating

increasing focus on retention issues such as

annual Legislative Conference theme this

with University Degrees loaded with debt and

workplace culture. Recently, CBTU launched

year is "Diversity, Inclusion, Respect... CBTU

unable to find appropriate employment. We

an industry wide Industry Champion

Leading the Way!" and will focus on issues

want to make sure young people know about

campaign, calling on leadership at all levels

surrounding our industry and what programs

the great opportunities for a well-paying

within the industry to be champions and

and strategies need to be developed in order

career in the skilled construction trades.

advocate for respectful workplaces. You

to move inclusion in the industry forward so

can find more information and register

we will meet the workforce demands of the

Canada is a country of immigrants made

to be a champion at

future. Please join us May 7th-9th 2018 in

strong by its diversity. Every year, more


Gatineau, Quebec.

than 250,000 new permanent residents are
admitted to our country. These newcomers
make up an important part of Canada's
economy and have an abundance of potential
to contribute to Canada's future growth. The
building and construction skilled trades offer
opportunities for rewarding employment
with middle-class wages. Our trades offer not
just jobs, but the chance for community, to

Canada's Building Trades Unions (CBTU) is an alliance of 15 building and
construction unions that represent more than 500,000 skilled tradespeople in Canada. Visit or for more information.

Mechanical Contractors Associations of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba 2018


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