The Western Journal 2018 - 17

Whether it's a
large-scale project
or the simple use of
a hand-held device,
innovation comes in
all shapes and sizes.


of Building Information Modelling (BIM),
monitoring the productivity of the entire
construction process with collected realtime data assists exponentially in the
decision-making process.
When BIM brought its invaluable
innovative tools to mechanical contracting, those embracing it received a
major boost in productivity and quality control. In 2010, following a BIM
workshop presented by the Mechanical
Contractors Association of BC, Surrey,
B.C.-headquartered Division 15
Mechanical Ltd. quickly adopted BIM
full force.
Division 15 provides design-build,
design-assist and construction services for Mechanical and District Energy
Systems throughout British Columbia.

The firm utilizes BIM and pre-fabrication
in a number of sectors, including commercial, education, civic and healthcare,
thereby enhancing installation accuracy
and project scheduling.
"One of the biggest things that has
happened in our company's history was
progressing to larger and higher-value
projects, and the biggest thing that
helped us was BIM," said Division 15
founding partner Dale Miller, the firm's
manager of District Energy Projects.
"That then took us into prefabrication.
We'll get a project, typically mechanical
rooms, and we'll 'BIM' it, draw it, prefabricate it and then send it out to the site in
'bite-size' pieces that we are able to get
into the building.
"We've also gotten into energy
transfer stations that we build on a
skid-mounted unit, completely prefabricated, and install the equipment
- typically plate heat exchangers and
control valves, and all the necessary controls that go with it - and then ship it to
the site. It's plug-and-play at that point,"
Miller said. "You hook up your supply
return, your electrical power, and it's a
completed unit."
Some of the BIM tools used by Division
15 include: robotic layout stations tied
to the BIM model; tablets allowing field
foremen/women to have up-to-date
information; Clash Detection software
for detailed pre-construction coordination with other trades; and prefabrication
of components derived from the model.
Division 15 lists the advantages of
using BIM on projects as: fewer Requests
for Information (RFIs) and revisions
to installed work; greater accuracy of
installed work; accuracy in renovation
projects, using scans to create BIMs of
existing installations; increased productivity of field personnel (errors are dealt

Mechanical Contractors Associations of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba 2018

with in the model, before construction begins); accurate documents for
"As-Built" drawings; and smart equipment objects in the model, which can
tie to an owner's maintenance program.
MCAC Chief Operating Officer
Pierre Boucher knows a thing or two
about the importance of innovation -
and about its roadblocks. The former
president of Canadian Construction
Innovations (CCI), and former CEO of
the Canadian Construction Association
(CCA), Boucher took the lead in creating the Institute for BIM in Canada.
At its website, CCI lists its vision as
follows: "To install a new culture for
research and innovation in the Canadian
construction industry." According to
CCI, "In 2009, following the release of
a CCA analysis report on (research and
innovation) in the construction industry, it became apparent that Canada
faces an innovation imperative. Our
lacklustre innovation record stands in
the way of Canadians realizing their full
prosperity potential."
"Canada, as a whole, is a slow
adopter of new technology," Boucher
explained. "The World Economic
Forum has been very clear on that subject. Even though we're a G7 country,
we don't even rank 20th in technology
adoption and sophistication. It's not
because we're not capable. But there
are many factors, one being perhaps a
lack of industry cooperation."
"Also, everything starts with procurement," Boucher added. "So if it's
not mandated by government that you
use BIM, for example, then it's hard to
integrate it. Because there's a cost,
and everyone needs to be on the same
playing field."
According to Boucher, technology
can have an impact on productivity,
but he said in addition to procurement,
there are also the factors of process,
methods, management and communications - with communication being a
key element in collaboration.
Boucher cited innovative scanning
devices as examples of innovation in
construction. "You start a project, and
you don't know what's behind walls


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