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Dale Miller, President of MCA British Columbia
Dale Miller, President of MCA British Columbia
(MCABC), co-founded Division 15 Mechanical in
2004. Located in Surrey, Division 15 Mechanical
is an award-winning construction firm providing
design-build, design-assist and construction services for mechanical and district energy systems.
"I received my journeyman plumber certification in Alberta in 1974 and went on to become
a foreman at SE Johnson Ltd. doing commercial and institutional projects, such as Grande
Prairie Regional Hospital and Red Deer Multiple;
a 10, 000 seat arena and home of the Red Deer
Rebels hockey team," Miller said. After serving as
a partner in SE Johnson's Vancouver operation
(which was closed in 1995 due to a sluggish economy), Dale Miller became Brighter Mechanical's
field superintendent in 1996, operating out of
Richmond, BC. He went from there to co-found
Division 15 Mechanical.

Dale Miller's involvement with MCABC
began simply enough, when he joined the MCA
Vancouver golf committee in 2010. "I was elected
to the MCA Board of Directors in 2011 and elected
to the Executive Board in 2014," Miller said. He
then became President in 2015.
"In my first year as President, the MCABC
became quite involved with promoting prompt
payment for work done by MCA mechanical contractors," said Dale Miller. "Prompt payment has
become the law in Ontario, and is moving west
to the western provinces including BC."
More recently, MCABC has started a Next
Generation Committee to motivate Millennials
to consider pursuing careers in mechanical contracting. Overall, Dale Miller's Presidential goal
is make MCABC a "must-join" association for all
mechanical contractors, affiliates and associates
in British Columbia.

Roger Phaneuf, President of MCA Manitoba
MCA Manitoba (MCAM) President Roger
Phaneuf joined the association in 2006 and
became President in 2016.
"I wanted to build on the vision that my predecessor, Marc Lynch, had for the MCAM," he
said. "I believed that we needed to emphasize on
educating our industry and making it stronger.
I also wanted to make sure that all contractors
are in this together, and that competitors can also
be colleagues with each other; to network and
communicate with each other."
A 37-year-old father with two kids (a two-yearold daughter and seven-month-old son) who
lives in St-Adolphe, Manitoba - "I curl and play
hockey in the winter and golf in the summer" -
Roger Phaneuf graduated from the Mechanical
Engineering Technology Program at Red River
College. He then joined Wes-Man Mechanical in
Winnipeg as an estimator, project manager and
project developer.
"Wes-Man Mechanical is a family-run company
founded by my father Marc in 1991, and we've

Richardson International Airport and renovating
the Winnipeg Police Services headquarters.
As President, Roger Phaneuf is most proud of
hiring Ramona Coey as the MCAM's new executive director following the retirement of Betty
McInerny. "I think years from now we'll look back
at how incredibly key Ramona's joining the MCAM
was and how it made our association grow,"
he said.
A second challenge he tackled was breathing
new life into the association. "We were getting to
a point where the board was beginning to become
disinterested," Phaneuf explained.
To revitalize the MCAM, Phaneuf spearheaded
a five-year Strategic Planning and Rebranding
process to re-establish the MCAM - "and we
haven't looked back since," he said. "Our goal
for the MCAM is to be the resounding voice of
the industry, to offer industry-specific training/
education, and to push for prompt payment legislation both provincially and federally."
Now about to hand over the reins to incoming
MCAM President Dan Olson of ABCO Supply,
Roger Phaneuf is proud of all that has been
achieved, and what lies ahead for his association.
"Dan is one of the key people who has helped
re-established the MCAM," said Phaneuf. "He will
be a great president for the MCAM: I do wish him
the best and hope I can be as great a supporter
to him as he was to me."

been working in the commercial/light industrial
sector ever since," Phaneuf said. "We employ
approximately 50 ventilation, plumbing and gas
pipe installers; and have a small service department." Some of Wes-Man Mechanical's most
recent projects include the Canada Post mail
sorting facility at Winnipeg James Armstrong

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