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You Think You're Connected By Joan Morehead, President, Detroit SHRM What greater gift can we give than to encourage the human spirit, spark the ability to explore and create success? M ind numbing words converge in one soul crushing sentence: "We've decided to activate our at-will employment agreement." So many framing concepts can cause this transition: downsizing, right sizing, reduction in workforce, global expansion, cut backs, retrenching, retooling and more. For many people, this is a first-time event. The best way to stay in the game is to stay connected. With a sudden change from employment almost every connection vanishes. Now what? Network. We are born into networks called family and we develop networks of friends and connections as we enter the work world. There is yet another network of people who are a critical factor in the equation of fulfillment and success in our lives - professional networks. This is what many associations do well. Detroit Society for Human Resource Management does this really well. With the association this is done through a forum. The forum has a LinkedIn group and a weekly meeting to provide motivational information, coaching and job leads. Weekly coffee gatherings help these new "free agents" deal with the impact of change, discover commonalities with those whom have similar experiences, identify what's next and put plans in place to move forward. So often, what's next is much better than what was happening before the transition. This forum has helped over 280 job seekers find employment since its inception in 2010. But, that's not all that's happening. Gatherings and educational events are planned throughout the year. Volunteers come together to explore ways to create "Red Carpet Events" to offer their colleagues and friends. With planned gatherings, the focus is just plain fun! The locations vary and are often off the beaten path. Refreshments are offered and connections encouraged. As people enjoy what's happening, they invite others. Over the past 18 months these gatherings in the Detroit area have tripled in size. That means more opportunities to connect with people who can be of mutual support. Continuous learning is another aspect of belonging to the association. Educational events help to expand our thoughts, engage our minds in new concepts and build our ability to solve problems. That's really the best value a person brings as a member of a team: an employee and an active member in her community with the ability to clearly recognize challenges and find solutions. When we belong to something bigger than ourselves and fill our "fuel tank" we are able to give back. What greater gift can we give than to encourage the human spirit, spark the ability to explore and create success? Belonging to a group has advantages that grow as we grow as people. The colleagues and friends we discover through professional affiliations help us weather the storms of change, build strengths and then return the favor. If we're the fortunate ones who have not needed this support, we are the luckiest of all. We get to pay it forward. ■ 2015 MISHRM State Conference * Oct. 14-16 Registration online only at 11

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