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Want More "On-Fire Employees?" © ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/JJPAN By Mike Kestly, President, Kestly Development, LLC "O n-Fire Employees" is how a TLNT article related to their highly engaged people - which is every hiring manager's dream for their new hires. The article goes on to give four steps for them: 1. Hire talented people of high character. 2. Clarify goals and objectives. 3. Train, process, and procedure. 4. Empower your people. OK, now that "you" have hired them, how do "you" best keep them? An article in Workforce magazine, "Dissed Loyalty," gives stats, and warns of even lower retention rates coming. To help "stem" the decline in loyalty, the manager-employee relationship needs to be productive. "Coaching, job skill training and learning opportunities" will help support No. 2 and 3 on the list. Then, No. 4 is where Steve Job's quote comes into play: "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell 2016 MISHRM State Conference * Oct. 12-14 them what to do: we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do." As your employees' coach and mentor, here are some suggestions to get the most productivity and increase their retention and engagement. Have short monthly coaching sessions with a more in-depth quarterly meeting (JanuaryApril-July-October - avoids the holiday Season). If you are required to submit annual reviews, it is already done. * Monthly coaching on measurable goals set by their Supervisor (and the Supervisor also has goals set by their Supervisor and so on). All measurable goals should feed up to the top people in the organization. * Monthly coaching on what is being done to develop their people - including a review of the monthly coaching sessions they have with their direct reports. There are "coaching reports" for various assessments that help with this task. * Monthly coaching should also be about what the individual is doing for personal development. * Each monthly session should end with a brief review of what was discussed, and a date for the next meeting. There are two benefits to the "Monthly Coaching" program. About all of your on-fire Employees will know where they stand and spread the "fire." The other is for the employees that are not on fire, or barely warm. They also know where they stand and in many cases the "fire" word can be avoided because they tend to leave on their own. When you know your on-fire employee is really on the right path, you can feel confident that what they are telling you to do (Steve Job's quote), is in everyone's best interest. Now that's empowerment. ■ All information including registration is online at: 9 http://www.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/JJPAN

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