HR Connections Michigan 2017 - 11

Support the

he SHRM Foundation, the charity affiliate of SHRM, is a values-based charity
organization that champions workforce and
workplace transformation and inspires HR
professionals to make it happen.
SHRM Foundation Vision: Empowered
HR professionals building inclusive organizations where all workers thrive and organizations
achieve success.
SHRM Foundation Mission: The SHRM
Foundation champions workforce and workplace
transformation by providing...
* Research-based HR solutions for challenging inclusion issues facing employees and
potential employees.
* Scholarships to educate and develop HR professionals and students to make change happen.
* Opportunities for HR professionals to make
a difference in their local communities.

Inclusion Initiatives
The SHRM Foundation will promote and
support inclusion research through two-year
initiatives on the following themes identified
on the inclusion issue timeline. Throughout
our history, the SHRM Foundation has
created countless complimentary resources
to help educate and empower HR professionals in the work place, and our future
resources will champion workforce and
workplace transformation.

In 2017, the SHRM Foundation will award
more than 300 scholarships for HR professionals and students. The SHRM Foundation
will award scholarships to:
* Pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees.
2017 MISHRM State Conference * Oct. 11-13

* Obtain SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP
* Gain professional development experience
through SHRM conferences and seminars.

Local Impact
Make a difference in your local community
by volunteering and fundraising.
* Volunteer in your community
Advance the annual inclusion initiative by
volunteering in your local community. You
can serve others by offering resume and interview coaching, offering educational instruction, and mentoring local HR professionals
* Fundraising for a cause
Every dollar raised helps build inclusive
organizations and empower HR professionals. Fundraising ideas include: raising
funds to build inclusive organizations,
sponsoring a scholarship and recruiting
members to join Team Empower, the
SHRM Foundation's team of committed
donors and volunteers.
The SHRM Foundation is grateful for the
support of individuals, organizations, companies, SHRM chapters and state councils.
The support received from SHRM allows
the SHRM Foundation to use every dollar

raised to advance our mission by awarding
scholarships to students and professionals and
developing evidence-based solutions.
To learn more and join us, visit shrmfoundation.
org or contact our office at shrmfoundation@ or 703-535-6020.

SHRM Foundation in Action
HR professional and SHRM Foundation scholarship recipient,
Angelene Fortune, SHRM-CP would not be able to afford professional
development opportunities without the help of the SHRM Foundation.
"I now have the confidence and the ability to seek out opportunities
to build a brighter future for me and my little family."
-Angelene Fortune, SHRM-CP HR professional in North Carolina,
SHRM Foundation scholarship recipient

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Save the Date – “HRevolution”
Welcome Message
Frequently Asked Questions/Sponsors List
Don’t Manage Your Millennials: Coach Them!
Support the SHRM Foundation
Becoming Mindful Healthcare Consumers
Employment Law: 5 Little-Known, But Important, Updates
Why Being “Authentic” is Nonsense
The HR Department of the New Millennium
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