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Applicants may Legally
Deny Certain Criminal
The Setting Aside Convictions (SAC)
Act allows one felony or two misdemeanor
convictions to be expunged, such that (1)
applicants with convictions equal to or less
than those limits can deny those convictions
on a job application and (2) such convictions
will not appear on a criminal background
report. A petition to expunge convictions
cannot be filed until at least five years after





the date of the conviction. Notwithstanding
the foregoing, certain crimes may not be
expunged including: traffic offenses (DUIs),
felonies for which the maximum punishment is life imprisonment, certain criminal
sexual conduct, human trafficking offenses
(unless such offense was the result of being a
victim of human trafficking), certain domestic violence offenses and terrorism offenses.
A conviction for marijuana use, however,
may be expunged and therefore denied on
an employment application.

S = H A P PY E



This SAC Act appears to be consistent with:
(1) the "ban the box" laws (which prevents
conviction inquiries on a job applications and
delays such inquiries until later in the hiring
process) that have been passed in approximately
half of the states (not including Michigan),
most employment relationships with Federal
agencies, and more than 150 cities (including cities in Michigan); and (2) Michigan law
that prevents misdemeanor arrest records from
being taken into account in the employment
application process. The intent of the SAC Act
is to ensure people with convictions have a fair
chance to work since nearly one in three adults
in America have an arrest or conviction record.
* Practical Tip: Employers should ask specific
interview questions if there is a concern about
a felony or misdemeanor conviction that may
have been expunged. However, be aware that
an employer is not allowed to ask questions
relating to misdemeanor arrests that did not
result in a conviction. Employers should also
check with drug testing companies/hospitals
to understand their reporting procedures,
because many do not identify positive marijuana results if the employee has a medical
marijuana certification.

Employers may not have
Bleach on the Premises
Unless They have an
Eye Wash Facility (Think
Chemistry Class)
Michigan's Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (MIOSHA) requires that every
Michigan employer using bleach to install
an industry grade eye was station on-site. In
addition, employees are required to wear eye
protection when using bleach.

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* Practical Tip: If using bleach or other
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Michigan Administrative Code 408.9012(2). Retrieved

14 2017 MISHRM State Conference * Oct. 11-13

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