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Big data rules today's world, and understanding it and how to
make it work for you is imperative to your success.
major workforce challenges to your specific
business faces and outline your plan to rectify
them. If you do not establish a stout plan to
address these issues your business almost will
face an uncertain future. How do workforce
gaps and frequent turnover impact the
customer experience, employee partnership,
innovation, and the businesses' bottom line?
As a businessperson specializing in hiring,
you need to know how to communicate
both written and verbally, in a way that can
be heard.


Learn the Importance
of Utilizing Big Data

The second skill you need
to develop is the ability to resonate with,
speak into and listen from data. Big data
rules today's world, and understanding it and
how to make it work for you is imperative
to your success. Sorting critical data from
superfluous data is another key to getting
your point across and keeping your audience's
In order to catch the ear of people who can
solve a problem from a strategic and financial
point of view, you need to speak to them in a
financial and strategic manner. This means
you need to be able to read a profit and loss
statement. You need to understand the total
cost of labor and staffing in your company.
Most decision makers in business have a
strong preference to evaluate propositions
through three-to-four salient points grounded
in accurate, relevant data. To speak with
someone who understands and responds to
data, you must elevate your ability to think
from data and make recommendations that
speak to improve the data.


Cultivate Confidence

The third skill you need to
continue to develop and nurture
is your confidence. Standing for stronger
people-optimization in the workplace and
human systems transformation is a pretty
big stake in the ground. If not you, who?
Someone needs to keep people present to
the commitments around the workforce.
Most managers in most organizations
fall astray from their talent optimization
commitments as soon as the pressure of
another commitment overshadows it.
Without someone standing for-and in some
2017 MISHRM State Conference * Oct. 11-13	

cases fighting for-doing the right thing and
making people and talent a company wide
focus, your competitive advantage initiatives
fall out of existence. It takes confidence
and stamina to create sustainable change; it
takes a continual, unwavering commitment,
sometimes in the face of no agreement-and
that takes confidence.


Find Comfort
in the Questions

The fourth skill you need to
improve is your ability to be comfortable in
not having all of the answers. Curiosity is a
major strength of people who succeed in the
new HR world. Having all the answers and
knowing how things are going to or not going
to turn out is a trait that no longer serves the
business professional of the 21st century. In
today's world, curiosity, agility and creativity
are how you win.
Fostering a workplace of collaboration
and innovation begins with you. You need
to be the change you want to see. Facing
problems with an eye on understanding the
systemic impacts on the business and the
people in it opens you up to hear from people
you might not otherwise hear from. Inviting
ideas and solutions from your team gives
you a much wider perspective and develops
your balanced decision making skills,

which are a requirement for a 21st century
business professional.
While on the surface it might not be
obvious, but the keen HR professional is the
key to the successful evolution of optimizing
people at work. Every business, in every
industry needs someone in HR focusing on
the future of people and talent optimization.
From reducing unwanted employee turnover
and filling the leadership gap to hiring
better and transferring today's knowledge
to tomorrow's workers, the right HR pro
doing the right things, affects every single
strategic lever in a company. The effective
attraction, engagement and optimization
of high-quality people in any organization,
may be as-or more important-than your
services or products themselves. Therefore,
the right HR pro is just as important as the
right coder or right sales rep-choose and
develop your 21st century HR team wisely.■
Magi Graziano, as seen on NBC, is the CEO
of Conscious Hiring® and Development, a
speaker, employee recruitment and engagement
expert and author of The Wealth of Talent.
Through her expansive knowledge and
captivating presentations and more than
20 years' experience as a top producer in the
Recruitment and Search industry she provides
her customers with actionable, practical ideas to
maximize their effectiveness and ability to create

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Ron Scott, SPHR
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TEA is a not-for-profit HR support group, with
offices in Grand Rapids serving the West
Michigan employer community for over 75 years!
We help over 500 member companies maximize
employee productivity and minimize employer
liability. We serve as the HR Department for
smaller organizations by working with a business
owner or an internal administrator to help
resolve HR questions as they arise. We provide
value to larger members by helping their busy
HR professionals accomplish time-sensitive
projects that require intense developmental
implementation efforts. Our core services
include: Benchmark Information, Practical
Training Solutions, Employment Assistance,
HR Consultation and General HR Support.

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For over 27 years, HRPro/BenePro has been
working with small to mid-sized firms to
maximize the value of their human capital
spend by increasing employee engagement,
implementing cost containment initiatives,
helping attract and retain top talent,
reduce administrative burden, developing
employee communication tools and
ensuring compliance through strategic,
tactical and operational strategies. We offer
a fully integrated HR solution including
Flexible Spending Account administration,
HRIS/payroll, group benefits, COBRA, and
comprehensive HR support services.

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