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Millennials gravitate toward companies that have a strong
emphasis on their personal and professional development,
and coaching is a key component of this development.
your back, as they say, and the coach is there
to lead the team to victory.
More than older generations, Millennials
are demanding a coaching culture. According
to a 2017 survey done by Deloitte, 44 percent
of Millennials say, if given the choice, they
would like to leave their current employers
in the next two years-particularly if "there
is a perceived lack of leadership-skill development." More than six in 10 Millennials
(63 percent) say their "leadership skills are not
being fully developed" at work. Millennials
gravitate toward companies that have a strong
emphasis on their personal and professional
development, and coaching is a key component of this development.

Why do Millennials
Gravitate Toward Coaching?
To understand any generational preference, it is important to understand how
that generation was raised. Millennials are
attracted and respond well to a coaching
environment because that's how they were
raised. Their tightly-managed helicopter
parents took their development very seriously with a very individualistic approach
to their achievement. In 2000, historian
and demographer Neil Howe introduced
the world to the Millennial generation
with his book, Millennials Rising. The book
documents the coming-of-age experience
of Millennials, and maps out the seven core
traits of Millennials. Each of these traits
necessitates a coaching relationship.
* Special: Millennials have been raised to feel
central to their parents' lives and important





to the adults around them. Most managers
agree that Millennials do not suffer from
low self-esteem. The role of the coach is to
make Millennials feel like an important
member of the team right away.
Sheltered: Millennials grew up in an era
of rising parental protection-never having known a time without bicycle helmets,
Amber Alerts. Boomers and Xers grew up
in an era of declining parental protection.
Their parents didn't care where they went
as long as they were home for dinner. The
role of the coach is to be a protector
for these risk-adverse Millennials, who
expect their managers' to look out for
their best interest.
Confident: Raised to believe they can do
anything, Millennials have high levels of
optimism about themselves, their generation and the future. They believe they can
be successful and with the right guidance,
can achieve their goals. The role of the
coach is to create an upbeat environment
with plenty of positive reinforcement.
Team-Oriented: Millennials were raised on
Barney the Dinosaur, who preached the
notion of collaboration. When they got
to school, community service and group
projects were in the classroom. In the
workplace, the role of the coach is to
find ways for all team members to work
together toward a common goal.
Conventional: Surveys show that
Millennials want to become good citizens,
good neighbors and good parents. They
would rather have a coach tell them the
ground rules at work so they can stay in the

boundaries. Millennials want their coach
to mentor them on norms and structure;
and provide training in "soft skills" so
they can behave properly.
* Pressured: Surveys show that Millennials
are the most stressed generation. Driven
by rising expectations for a college degree
and a tough labor market, Millennials
increasingly believe that long-term success demands near-term achievement and
credentials. Millennials connect today's
behavior with tomorrow's payoff. In their
job performance and careers, the role of
the coach is to provide frequent feedback
to make sure their Millennial employees
are on the right track.
* Achieving: With school standards rising and
the pressure to find a good job mounting,
Millennials have become highly intent on
academic achievement. In the workplace,
Millennials are generally eager to jump
through the institutional hoops their managers' set for them. The role of the coach is
to guide them to obtain credentials in order
advance in their careers and provide proof of
their skills for advancement in the company.
We often associate the word "coach" with
athletics, but the origin of the word in a person-to-person context goes back to students'
tutors and mentors of 18th century England.
In that tradition, coaches were to prepare students for the challenges of the future. Today,
because of the Millennials-the largest generation in U.S. history-coaching is taking
center stage as a major management tool in
preparing the next generation of leaders. ■
Warren Wright is Founder and President of
Coaching Millennials. He is one of the leading
authorities on the Millennials generation, speaking and consulting frequently on their influence
in the workplace and society at large.

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