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#survey 2012-2013 MEMBER NEEDS ASSESSMENT SURVEY SUMMARY BY WENDY ZULUAGA, CMP VICE PRESIDENT, COMMUNICATIONS, MPIGNY T his past fall, the Board of Directors conducted a Member Needs Assessment survey. Our goal was to get the collective feedback from our membership and to gain a better understanding of how we could improve your MPIGNY chapter membership experience. We received responses from 122 members, which constituted nearly 15% of our membership. While we had hoped for a larger percentage of member participation, we greatly appreciate the thoughtful, insightful and valuable feedback received. The survey results were reviewed at the Board of Directors meeting in December and will continuously be considered as we plan for the future. We are working to improve transparency to our members, and have compiled a summary of the key feedback from the survey. We have also provided brief comments to explain how we intend to address the concerns. The primary takeaways the Board identified were: What we are doing… We will continue to provide stand-alone networking events and are working to improve all chapter event offerings to increase networking amongst attendees, we are also working to create new networking events. For example, in May we have partnered with the Allegria Hotel for a Rooftop Mixer. This new standalone networking event will provide a different atmosphere – outdoors, on a rooftop and along the ocean, as well as more diversification among the attendees (due to the location being outside of New York City). Additionally, we will continue to host our signature networking events including, 2nd Annual Genie Awards in June and the MPIGNY Destination Québec Annual Golf Outing in July. You said… We need more participation of planners at events (57%), for what the chapter needs to do to increase your satisfaction in regards to membership. You said… Networking opportunities are critically important. 81% of respondents indicated that networking opportunities were the primary reason for becoming an MPI member; 40% selected networking opportunities for the aspect of MPIGNY membership you are most satisfied with; 54.1% selected networking opportunities at education events as very important on what influences your decision to attend; and 47% selected improving networking opportunities and 43% selected increasing the number of networking events, for what the chapter needs to do to increase your satisfaction in regards to membership. What we are doing… We have significantly decreased the registration rates for planners (member and nonmember) to $30. More than 50% of the attendees at September 2012 and February 2013 education events were planners. The education events in September, January and October had over 30% planners in attendance. We know we need to do more to increase planner participation and are working towards new initiatives to achieve this goal. You said… Topics (49.2%), time of the day (44.3%), and speakers (34.2%) are very important factors that influence your decision to attend education events. What we are doing… The education committee took your feedback and has done/planned the following: • Held a breakfast education event in February that was well attended. • Lined up popular topics and notable industry experts for the upcoming June and August education events. You said… 57% of the respondents selected meets expectations or satisfactory for the degree that membership meets your expectations. What we are doing… We strive to exceed your expectations and we relentlessly evaluate each decision on how it affects you – our members. We know that a survey is not enough to get the feedback of our members, so we will be conducting focus groups to get a better understanding of how we can make your membership more valuable. We asked survey respondents if they were interested in participating in future focus groups and 67% said yes! The first focus group was held in April and anyone interested in being invited to future focus groups can sign up by visiting www.mpigny.org, under Community. The 2012-2013 Member Needs Assessment summary report can be viewed by visiting www.mpigny.org, under News/Media. Have additional feedback? We want to hear from you year-round! Please email info@mpigny.org or submit your feedback by visiting www.mpigny.org or submit your feedback by visiting www. mpigny.org, under Contact Us. @ mpigny.org 19 http://www.mpigny.org http://www.mpigny.org http://www.mpigny.org http://www.mpigny.org http://www.mpigny.org

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