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#legal review SPRING CLEANING YOUR RFP BY BARBARA F. DUNN I t's that time of year: spring cleaning. While most of us should be tackling cleaning out our closets or basements, one often overlooked document for cleaning is the request for proposal (RFP) document organizations distribute for their meetings and events. If you have been guilty of not reviewing and updating your RFP in a long time, now is the perfect time to tackle that task! Following is a summary of trends and considerations for organizations as they tackle the task of cleaning their RFP: Background and History ❏ Details as to the type of meeting, tentative schedule and a description of the people who will be attending the meeting. ❏ History of hotels where the meeting has been held and corresponding data as to room block utilization, food and beverage revenue and ancillary spending. ❏ Discounts on use of in-house audio-visual provider. ❏ Complimentary internet in guest-rooms. ❏ Complimentary access to fitness center. ❏ Credit to master account based on a percentage of total master account spend. Room Block Attrition ❏ Specify percentage of minimum room block pickup (e.g., 75 percent of contracted room block). ❏ Detail how attrition fee will be calculated (e.g., use of lost profit vs. full room rate). ❏ Requirement for organization to get credit for resold rooms. ❏ Right to review information and documentation upon the billing of any attrition fee to verify the calculation of any fee due. Function Space Room Block ❏ Summary of room types needed including percentages of singles and doubles, as well as suites. ❏ Detail as to number of government rated rooms needed. ❏ Requirements for the organization's right to increase or to decrease the room block. ❏ For resorts, detail room type by location and/or view. Room Rates ❏ Information as to whether the rates need to be net, non-commissionable or commissionable. ❏ Details as to whether a rebate needs to be added to the room rate. ❏ Commitment that the hotel shall not offer (or at least publicize) lower rates over the blocked dates. ❏ Requirements for pre/post rates. Reservations ❏ Detail reservations process. ❏ Individual room cancellation policy requirements. ❏ Method of managing any walk situation including requirement to provide alternate equal or better accommodations at nearby hotels and transportation to and from the hotel. Concessions ❏ Complimentary rooms and suites. ❏ Complimentary upgrades to suites. ❏ Complimentary rooms ration (e.g., 1:40) and right to utilize earned but unused complimentary rooms as a credit to the organization's master account. ❏ Discounts on food and beverage. ❏ Detail room and set up requirements. ❏ Requirement for complimentary space and set up. ❏ Statement that there shall be no reassignment of function space without the group's prior written consent. ❏ Specify need for any 24 holds on function space. ❏ Requirement for ensuring no competitor or conflicting groups are utilizing function space during group's meeting. ❏ Specify right to quiet enjoyment of space and hotel's obligations to address any related issues. Audio-Visual and Technology ❏ Audio-visual requirements including use of outside vendors and the group's own equipment at no additional charge. ❏ Detail technology requirements in function space including number of users and number of devices, as well as required bandwidth and security. ❏ Summary of process to address any technology issues including the group's right to remediate the problems at hotel's cost. Cancellation Fee ❏ Summary of group's requirements as to cancellation fee being based on a sliding scale and lost profit vs. full room revenue. ❏ Requirement for group to receive credit for resold rooms. ❏ Right for group to rebook another meeting and to receive credit back for cancellation fees. Rights of Cancellation without Liability ❏ Detail of force majeure provision including items on the "grocery list" of bad things which could happen. Continued on page 24 info@mpigny.org 23

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