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#fitness focus NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY: A SIMPLE STRETCH YOU CAN DO IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM BY KELLY FILIPPONE I n the Winter 2014 issue of @MPIGNY, we talked with Amy Valent-Ribot from Hoboken Pilates about the difficulties of fitting in a workout while traveling. Without having much time or access to fitness equipment, Amy recommended we bring a thera band on the road to stretch and strengthen. For this issue, I posed the question: What if I don't have a thera band? Is there a good stretch you can show me that requires no equipment that I can do in my hotel room to relieve my body from a long day at a trade show? This is what Amy demonstrated: * Dangle one leg off the edge of the bed. * Bring your other knee to your chest. Hold below the knee cap and on the lower shin. * Allow the extended leg to be heavy, so the hip flexor muscle can unwind. * Switch your legs, ensuring that both legs receive equal treatment. * Repeat as many times, either during one "session" or throughout the day. * If this is painful in your back, your knee or is too intense a stretch, do the stretch lying on the floor (see photo). * It is best not to place your hand directly on the kneecap, as this weakens your knee joint. "Whatever version you do, include full, slow breaths to savor the effects. Your back will thank you for it!" Amy noted! This is a great stretch that I will be sure to keep in mind when I'm in a hotel room after a long day of work. Thank you to Amy for demonstrating these simple ways for all of us to stretch. We appreciate your interest in sharing ideas with MPIGNY! For more information regarding Pilates and yoga, you can reach Amy on Twitter (@Amyvribot) or check out her Facebook page (www.facebook. com/HobokenPilates) for more stretching ideas. @ info@mpigny.org 25 https://www.facebook.com/HobokenPilates

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Speaking the Language of Sustainability
11 Delivering the ‘green’ at AIBTM 2014
IMEX America’s Sustainability Efforts: Greenhouses, Gardens and Growing Commitments
A CSR Preview of MPI’S WEC 2014
Greening Trends: Meeting Planners ‘go Local’ to Drive Down Costs
Sustainability at Caneel Bay Resort
Let’s Get Physical: Team Building for the Active Attendee
Delta Force
Mpigny’s Engaging Evening
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Fitness Focus
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Asheville CVB Injects Unique Destination Flare Into Meetings
History Comes Alive in Boston
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