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#board of directors PRESIDENT, Carvie Gillikin, Vice President, Fourth Wall Events, carvie@fourthwallevents.com DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION, Wendy Blaney, In Market Director of Sales, Caesars Entertainment, wblaney@caesars.com PRESIDENT-ELECT, Robert Sanders, CMP, Chairman, Hospitality Resource Group, Robert@HRGinc.net DIRECTOR OF FINANCE, David Strang, Director of Global Sales, Jumeirah Hotels, david.strang@jumeirah.com IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT, Meghan Schilt, CMP, Global Events Manager, Apax Partners, meghan.schilt@apax.com DIRECTOR OF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, Tom Andrika, Business Development Manager, Fourth Wall Events, tom@fourthwallevents.com VP OF COMMUNICATIONS, Suzanne Medcalf, Regional Manager - Hosted Buyer Program, IMEX America, suzanne.medcalf@imexexhibitions.com DIRECTOR OF NETWORKING, Laura Mulholland, CMP, Director of Sales, Live Nation New York, lauramulholland@livenation.com VP OF EDUCATION, Jason Cohen, Regional Sales Director, National Accounts, Sofitel Luxury Hotels - North America, jason.cohen@sofitel.com DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC EVENTS, Carly Roncaglio, Business Development Manager, ZAK EVENTS, LLC, carly@zakevents.com VP OF FINANCE, Michelle Marie Adams, CMP, Regional Director, Meeting Element, madams@meetingelement.com STAFF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Kathie Stapleton, MPI Greater New York Chapter (MPIGNY), kstapleton@mpigny.org VP OF MEMBERSHIP, Lannise Galbraith, CMP, Owner, Event Planner, LRGEvent Management, lannise@lrgevents.com CHAPTER BUSINESS MANAGER, Bryan Lavin, blavin@mpiweb.org DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS, Jennifer McMahon-Hinz, CMM, CMP, Meeting & Event Manager, Innovative Meeting Concepts, LLC, jenmc9@gmail.com #ask the board Q: I've been in three time zones in under a week. Any tips for beating jetlag and being ready to go for my early morning meetings? Jason Cohen: Drink plenty of water and keep to your original time zone if possible. Otherwise - CAFFEINE! Michelle Marie Adams: Hydration, stretching and cat naps! Try not to drink alcohol on the flights, as tempting as it may be, and try to stick to pure non-gas H2O. Also, get up and move to circulate blood through the body; I go to the back of the plane and do a few yoga standing postures. When I get to the hotel, I again drink a ton of water and take a quick cat nap the moment I get in. Then I get outside and explore the city. Nothing gets you into a time zone better than living and breathing the culture of your host city. Wendy Blaney: I always try to stay on my home time zone when travelling, especially if I will be somewhere for less than three days. If I am going to be in several time zones for a long period of time, I do my best to begin to adjust in advance. Meghan Schilt: Stay hydrated - and not with alcohol. On long flights, I always carry with me a small bottle of 6 @MPIGNY SPRING 2014 Evian spray and apply extra moisturizing face lotion, so at the very least I look refreshed. And when I am in Europe and can't sleep because it is 7 p.m. in NY, I listen to my sleep app that I downloaded on my phone. Q: What's your favorite part of being an MPIGNY board member? Jason Cohen: My favorite part of being on the board is feeling like I am contributing to making our chapter and the member experience better, as well as the camaraderie we have built on the board. I actually enjoy being together. Michelle Marie Adams: Being part of something great! MPIGNY is on a mission to provide an all-encompassing membership experience, and it is wonderful to be a part of the movement. Wendy Blaney: My favorite part is thinking outside the box and offering up suggestions for change. Meghan Schilt: Getting to know and work alongside of a dynamic group of people to accomplish worthwhile goals that make the whole association better. Together we achieve so much more than any one of us could do as an individual. Q: What's your favorite summer travel destination? Michelle Marie Adams: Somewhere new! The thrill of exploring a new destination is a huge thrill for me, so I try to go somewhere new every year. Last year, I went to Africa; this year, I am going to Australia. But I must say that my favorite fall destination is Miami with my girlfriends. We have been going to South Beach for more than 11 years in October, and I am looking forward to year 12 this fall. Wendy Blaney: I love going to Laguna or Coronado Island in California every summer. I am a "Zonie" (someone who grew up in Arizona), and we have gone to either Laguna or Coronado every summer to get away from the heat since I was a teenager. Meghan Schilt: My parents' house on Lake Nottely WAY outside of Atlanta. There is just something about sitting on the dock with the sun sparkling like diamonds across the water that never gets old. Add in one of my Dad's famous margaritas and a good book, and I could spend my whole summer there. It is truly my favorite place to be.

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Ask the Board
President’s Message
Speaking the Language of Sustainability
11 Delivering the ‘green’ at AIBTM 2014
IMEX America’s Sustainability Efforts: Greenhouses, Gardens and Growing Commitments
A CSR Preview of MPI’S WEC 2014
Greening Trends: Meeting Planners ‘go Local’ to Drive Down Costs
Sustainability at Caneel Bay Resort
Let’s Get Physical: Team Building for the Active Attendee
Delta Force
Mpigny’s Engaging Evening
Legal Review
Member Spotlight
Fitness Focus
Notes From the Field
Asheville CVB Injects Unique Destination Flare Into Meetings
History Comes Alive in Boston
New Members
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