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INTRODUCING THE 2013-2014 MPIGNY BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEGHAN SCHILT, CMP PRESIDENT Events Manager, Apax Partners meghan.schilt@apax.com What do you hope to accomplish during your tenure? I am so thankful for the additional six months as president, and while we have already accomplished a lot in the past 12 months, I look at the team we have assembled and I know my job this year is to support their plans, remove any obstacles and celebrate their successes because they are the ones who will be out there MAKING IT ALL HAPPEN! What are the current challenges MPIGNY is facing, and how will you help overcome them? No challenges, just opportunities. The 2013-2014 MPIGNY Board of Directors is determined to provide value for our members every chance we get. We set out to do that last year and we are staying the course making adjustments as needed but at the end of the day we are here for the members, we are a community and if you focus on value the rest will work itself out. CARVIE GILLIKIN PRESIDENT-ELECT Vice President/Partner, Fourth Wall Events carvie@fourthwallevents.com How will you increase member involvement in MPIGNY activities? Through new and intriguing venues, cross association marketing and education topics that are timely, relevant and fresh. What do you feel is the greatest member benefit of MPIGNY? The ability to network with peers, discuss challenges and share best practices. Additionally, there are an enormous amount of referrals that happen within the chapter. SUZANNE MEDCALF VP OF COMMUNICATIONS Regional Manager, Hosted Buyer Programs – IMEX America suzanne.medcalf@imexexhibitions.com What is your background? I have an eclectic background. A born and raised New Yorker, I started out in the communications industry working for NBC in the News Media Relations department, from there I worked in celebrity public relations and as a tour manager for Bianca Ryan, winner of “America’s Got Talent.” I finally found my way to the meetings industry in 2011 and have worked at IMEX America ever since. What strengths will you bring to the MPIGNY Board? I am a relatively new member and still feel quite new to the industry – which I think can be a huge strength. I am enthusiastic and always up for a new challenge, and I want to empower other members to get the most out of their membership and this community. 10 @MPIGNY SUMMER 2013 JASON COHEN VP OF EDUCATION Regional Sales Director, Sofitel Luxury Hotels jason.cohen@sofitel.com What strengths will you bring to the MPIGNY Board? I am a good listener and very analytical. I like to create plans and act on them. Plus, I enjoy networking with others and our Board is a very interesting diverse group. What do you hope to accomplish during your tenure? I hope to continue to provide really interesting educational offerings that are not only useful in our daily jobs, but also bring some professional and personal development to attendees. We are in New York, a world-class city, and as a chapter should be providing some world-class education. MICHELLE MARIE ADAMS, CMP VP OF FINANCE Regional Director, Meeting Element madams@meetingelement.com Why did you decide to get involved with the Board of Directors? I was inspired by some amazing pillars of the meeting industry, and I want to contribute to this incredible community. MPI is all about what you make of it, and I have been fortunate to have people help me along all the way and support my growth and development as a leader. What strengths will you bring to the MPIGNY Board? Enthusiasm! I have served for the past three years on the board of directors for the Potomac Chapter of MPI, and I am so thrilled, excited and committed to making an impact in the Greater New York Chapter! I know that my leadership experience and skills will serve the chapter well, and I hope to see this amazing Greater New York chapter continue to grow and support our membership with education, career opportunities and, of course, networking. Who in New York doesn’t like a cocktail in hand while talking business? ROBERT SANDERS, CMP VP OF MEMBERSHIP Chairman-Hospitality Resource Group, Inc. Robert@HRGinc.net What do you hope to accomplish during your tenure? Hope to make our chapter stronger, build a more cohesive team. What is something that people would be surprised to know about you? I am an avid motorcycle rider. http://www.naylornetwork.com/mny-nxt/

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