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#fitness focus MID-FLIGHT STRETCHES KEEP YOU FEELING GOOD IN THE AIR "FOR CENTURIES, MANKIND HAS DREAMED OF FLYING LIKE A BIRD. IT IS IRONICAL TO THINK OF HOW TEDIOUS - AND UNHEALTHY - COMMERCIAL FLIGHT HAS BECOME." I recently met with my Pilates instructor Amy Valent-Ribot of Hoboken Pilates. We were chatting about our schedules for the fall, and I explained that I have a very busy fall travel schedule coming up for Q4, just like many of my MPIGNY colleagues. So I asked Amy if she could help with some recommendations for stretches I can do in the airport or even on the plane. "For centuries, mankind has dreamed of flying like a bird. It is ironical to think of how tedious - and unhealthy - commercial flight has become,"she said. "One of the challenges is finding a place to stretch while waiting to board a plane. Even worse, sitting in an assigned seat for hours. When a plane is booked to full capacity, stretching while onboard may seem impossible." Below are two solutions to cramped quarters. They require no props and can be done as often as one feels the need. The first stretch targets the hips and is suitable while waiting for a plane to arrive. Seated with the good posture, cross the right ankle over the left knee, making a number four formation with the leg. The right ankle is flexed. Lever your spine forward while maintaining proper spinal alignment. Hold for at least a minute. Switch legs. The second stretch targets the shoulder blades and will not encroach on your neighbor's space, once you are in your seat on the plane. Cross the left upper arm over the right arm, intertwining the lower arms and allowing the palms to touch. If the palms of the hands can't touch, don't force it! Lower and/or lift the interwoven arms, exploring the tight spots. Find a spot that is especially overworked. Breath deeply. Unwind the arms and repeat by crossing the right upper arm over the left. Even if you don't have the chance to stretch while traveling, it is still important to get up and move around periodically whenever possible - and stay hydrated. For more information regarding pilates and yoga, you can reach Amy on Twitter (@amyvribot), Facebook (www.facebook.com/HobokenPilates) or Instagram (HobokenNJpilates) for more stretching ideas. @ info@mpigny.org 25 http://www.facebook.com/HobokenPilates

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President’s Message by Carvie Gillikin
You’re Not Alone: CVBS, DMCS and Other Tools to Navigate International Waters
Save the Day With Flawless International Transportation
Mixology Madness 2.0
How MPIGNY Spent Our Summer Vacation
Day in the Life
Back to Work After Vacation: How to Avoid the Avalanche
IMEX International Recipes for Success
Member Spotlight a Conversation with Sandra Arnold
An International Event Turns Local : Diner en Blanc
Fitness Focus
Notes From the Field
Miami: Where the World Comes to Play
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