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[ EDITOR'S NOTE ] reThink Where We Meet W With MPINCC's Annual Conference & Expo (ACE) coming up and the theme of the year being BY SABRINA RITCHIE, CMP, CAE reThink, this issue takes a look at reThinking where we meet and how we meet. Our feature is all about thinking outside the hotel and discovering alternative venues in Northern California. We also look at the top event technology trends to watch in 2015 from ACE speaker Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP. In reThinking how to approach your time on the show floor, Joel Costa, CMP, Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and Danielle Restaino, CMP, Genentech, give us their perspective on how to prepare for the show. As a supplier, Joel shares how he thinks a planner should prepare, while Danielle shares her ideas on how suppliers should structure their time on the floor. With ACE being held at the Moscone West in San Francisco, we highlight the best apps for planning a visit to the city. In our member spotlight, we get to know planner member Brandi Garrigus with the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Sandy With MPINCC's Annual Conference & Roissier, a supplier member with the Berkeley Expo (ACE) coming up and the theme City Club. of the year being reThink, this issue Please contact me at sabrina.ritchie@gmail. takes a look at reThinking where we com if you are interested in contributing an article meet and how we meet. or being featured. I look forward to seeing you at ACE on February 19.  ● 5 Tips for Safe and Healthy Travel Each year, more Americans are traveling - for vacation, volunteerism and business. Whatever the TAKE 5 reason for traveling, it's important to protect your health and the health of others, particularly if you're traveling internationally. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers advice on what you can do to ensure your trip is a safe and healthy one. For more information, visit  ● |Visit the 1 CDC's Travel Destinations Page. Find advisory information about the specific location where you're traveling, including any outbreaks or vaccination updates. 4 | P E R S P E C T I V E | |See a Doctor 2 Before You Travel. The best time to see the doctor is at least 4-6 weeks before your trip so the doctor can advise on any recommended shots or medicines. |Pack aHealth 3 Travel Kit. Your kit should include first-aid supplies, any prescription medicines you take and over-thecounter medicine, and your health insurance card. |Be Careful Eat 4 What You and Drink. Bottled water and food that is cooked and served hot are generally safe. Be careful about tap water, ice, and raw fruits and vegetables. Limit alcohol intake. Attention |PayYour Health 5 to When You Come Home. If you are not feeling well, you should see a doctor and mention that you have recently traveled.

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Thinking Outside the Hotel – Alternate Venues and What They Offer
Transformative Meetings: Technology Trends for 2015
ACE – Invest in Yourself in 2015!
Best Apps for Planning a Meeting in San Francisco
Editor’s Note
Take 5
President’s Message
MPI Spotlight
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MPI Perspective - Winter 2015