MPI Perspective - Spring 2018 - 10

relationships within the industry and the trust we've established
with these growers and manufacturers. Trust is very important.

Q: Would you say there is a stigma that some
companies could face by using your services?
A: There is still quite a bit of stigma toward any business
that works in this space; insurance companies and payment
processors have a difficult time understanding our business
model and see us a risk. They see us as a cannabis company. We
see ourselves as a travel company.

Q: With the aging of baby boomers, there seems
to be a market for salves, oils and edibles. Tell us
more about other products that are on the
market now.
A: We are beginning to see a maturation of the product
space. With products coming online that cater to the changing
consumer base, we are starting to see trends in branding
that appeal to certain demographics and types of consumers.
Companies are cashing in on these trends and are releasing
product lines that are in-step with consumers' needs and
lifestyles. Companies like Whoopi & Maya (Whoopi Goldberg's
cannabis company) have done a great job of marketing their
products to consumers in a way that speaks to them and meets
them at their level.

Q: Are there instances where a guest overindulges
and how do you handle that?
A: We pride ourselves on providing our guests with as much
consumer education as they need to make smart and sensible
decisions about their cannabis consumption. We provide
education around moderation and dosage control with all lines
of cannabis products - from flowers and edibles to concentrates
and topicals. Should a guest feel as though they have
overindulged at any point, we provide them with some sugary
snacks and plenty of water. They can also opt to stay on the bus
and relax until they begin to feel better. And because cannabis
has no level at which it is toxic to humans, at that point it just
becomes a matter of making that individual feel comfortable
and hydrated.

Q: Where do you see this type of business in the
future? And do you see a broader acceptance from
corporate business clients?
A: We anticipate corporate clients will become an important
part of our business. As organizations and companies begin to
accept our industry and develop a desire to understand its inner
workings and get engaged, we will be there to provide them with
an accessible point of engagement.

Q: What is next for your company?
A: We will keep honing our products and launching new ones.
The possibilities for Emerald Farms Tours seem endless right
now. There is a lot of opportunity on the horizon and we will
focus on core competency of delivering high quality tours and
experiences that provide excellent value and education to
our consumers. ●
10 | P E R S P E C T I V E |

Wine and Marijuana: A Unique Pairing
Ellipsis Wine Company was founded by husband
and wife team Jonathan and Devika Maskey in 2008.
Today, their wine and cannabis pairings are enjoyable
experiences that also educate people on safe ways to
consume. They teach guests to approach a cannabis
tasting like they would a wine tasting.
"Coming from the wine industry, there are a lot of
similarities between cannabis and wine," Devika says.
"Both like similar growing climates, so in general
where good wine is grown you can usually find good
cannabis. Similarly to wine, where cannabis is grown
is very important. The region, soil and sun, the terroir
are expressed the same as in wine through an organic
compound called terpenes."
Terpenes are a natural occurring oil found in many
herbs, vegetables, fruits and even insects, and they are
what give cannabis its aroma and flavor. The terpene
myrcene, for instance, has distinct aromas of earthiness,
mushroom, and forest floor, similar to how you would
describe a pinot noir.
"When pairing wine and cannabis, we first try and
match similar aroma profiles, but also take into account
weight," Devika says. "For wine, weight is determined by
the body. For cannabis, weight is determined by effect. For
example, pairing cannabis to a light bright rosé, you want
to match the wine with an uplifting and energizing sativa
dominant strain. In contrast, you might end the day with a
heavier indica dominant strain, just like you might with a
glass of cabernet."
While recreational marijuana use is now legal in
California, Devika says regulations haven't quite caught
up to demand. She hopes that changes soon though,
as there is a huge need for brands to connect with the
consumer in an educational and experiential way. Devika
and her business partner, Alli Kosta, have started an event
company, TSO Elevated Events, to prepare for this shift.
"We both come from the wine industry, and we are
translating that wine country lifestyle experience into
the cannabis space," she says. "We produce high end
events, events and environments for cannabis companies
who want to expand their market reach, as well as noncannabis companies who want to put on an unforgettable
event for certain clients or team members."

Legal Questions?
Adult recreational consumption of marijuana is now legal
in the state of California, but there is still plenty to consider
in terms of meetings and events. Read more about what
planners need to know about current cannabis rules and
regulations on page 22.

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