MPI Perspective - Summer 2018 - 14

5-4-3-2-1 ... Go!
MPINCC Scholarship Winner Shares
his WEC18 Experience


As a grateful and humble recipient of MPINCC's
scholarship to World Education Congress (WEC) 2018,
it's my pleasure to report on my first-time experience at
this conference, held in June in Indianapolis.
From what I was told by veterans of this conference,
the layout this year was much different than in years
past. An overall village was created, which was
separated into four different types of experiences:
innovation, leadership, experiential and social. It was
within these villages where most of the educational
sessions were held, along with a smattering of exhibitors
and activation stations. You got in your daily steps, as
the layout was vast.
Coming into my second year chairing the MPINCC
Annual Conference & Expo (ACE), I wanted to take away
as many ideas as possible to apply to our biggest chapter
experience. I appreciated that WEC wanted to shake
things up and take a chance on stepping away from the
traditional way of doing things, which is something I
hope we can bring to ACE this coming year. More to
come on that front.
Comedian Dena Blizzard returned as emcee for
the morning and closing daily sessions, dubbed pep
rallies. I thought she was good, and she had the crowd
laughing. Her presence was a great way to tie the entire
experience together, providing a feeling of familiarity
and humor to the conference. She engaged with many
audience members, bringing some on stage with her,
14 | P E R S P E C T I V E |

which provided those attendees with some fun stories they'll be
able to tell for years.
There were a couple of speakers who I thought were great
presenters and had good content, and I hope we can bring
them to ACE this coming year. Again, more to come on that
front. Michael Cerbelli presented his Hot List, which is always
a great show. Mel Robbins was also there and told us about
her Five-Second Rule, which changed her life and has helped
thousands of others to do the same.
Thanks to the GroupMe App, I knew where to meet up with
everyone from our chapter for all of the social events. Visit Indy
did it up right, by creating fantastic experiences that immersed us
in the many things for which Indiana is known. I'm not a sports
guy, but I had a blast having lunch on the Colts' football field,
making friends with Boomer, the Pacers' mascot, and taking a few
laps around the track of the Indy 500. The latter was a particular
highlight and a great way to close out WEC.
Your VP, Director and Chair of ACE spent a lot of the conference
huddling on what we would like to do for next year's Annual
Conference and Expo. Thanks to the global MPI community and
to the organizers of WEC, we've come back with some great
ideas, and our hope is to be able to execute as many of them as
possible. One way or another, we'll bring the global experience
back to MPINCC. ●
MPINCC member Neil Adams is Business Development Director at
Bright Event Rentals and Chair of the Annual Conference & Expo
Committee. He can be reached at

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