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The idea is neither new nor radical. Planners expect
suppliers to deliver thoughtful, detailed proposals - and they
should - but that means your RFP should enter the frame the
same way. Read on for a few tips on getting the most out of
your RFP.
Patience. It's a virtue. Getting your RFPs out on time - and
let's face it, some of them are lengthy - will allow you to
relax a little and give suppliers the chance to respond with
as much detail and interest as you put into your submission.
Give them time to read the entire RFP and get back to you in
a reasonable amount of time. Five business days, in typical
situations, should be standard.
Selectivity. Quality over quantity will increase your odds
of not only being taken seriously, but receiving the kind of
treatment your business deserves and creating relationships
that last. Just because a given space doesn't end up working
for you this time doesn't mean it won't be a fit for a future
project. Don't litter the city with your proposal requests and
risk a "spammy" rep. Do your research - tap into local experts
at the CVB and elsewhere - and create a short list. Suppliers
will be more engaged knowing they have a real shot at
earning your business.
Flexibility. No one is expecting you to move a client's
holiday-season event to springtime, but a little wiggle room is
beneficial. This could be as simple as including flexibility in
the pattern of your event - but every little bit helps. Letting the
client know that alternate dates can be a big money-saver may
help move their needle and, thusly, yours.
Details! The more you give, the better. Tell suppliers all the
need-to-knows about your group - from meeting objectives
to attendee demographics, business time to leisure, AV to
after parties. This will help the supplier give you the most
cost-effective offer for your budget (which, by the way, you
should be up-front about)!

Going mobile. No, we're not talking about your
phone - though folks will carry, snap and upload shots of
everything they're doing and seeing along the way. Walking
tours, free and self-guided in particular, are big among
travelers these days. Whether your event is in a large,
cultural capital where the sites are obvious, or a small,
out-of-the-way destination where off-the-path, unique
experiences will make your attendees the envy of their IG
and FB feeds, destinations where folks can get away from
the meeting room or tradeshow floor for a spell to amble and
discover are dynamic draws.
Going mobile again. This time, we're talking about your
phone. According to Trekk Soft's 2017 survey, 79 percent of
mobile users researched and then booked some form of travel
right from their smartphones - up from 70 percent in 2016.
The power of mobile tech is only getting more concentrated;
the more research (and eventual action) your attendees can do
from their devices, the higher numbers - and likely customer
satisfaction - you are likely to see.
Sustainability sustaining popularity. Increasingly,
travelers are looking to be part of the world's
solution - seeking out responsibly designed experiences
that may even be part of a solution (perhaps by funding an
indigenous culture or restoration of a damaged ecosystem).
Attendees - whether you're planning a hard-trekking
incentive trip or a meetings-driven event at a boutique
property in a city - care about the ripples their travel makes.
Thoughtfully crafted experiences are of value. ●

Visit Sacramento

1608 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Ph: (916)
23/10/17 6:59 pm
Fax: (916) 808-7788

Sacramento is experiencing a true renaissance. It is alive and
buzzing with new sights, sounds and smells. There's a new
downtown arena, new hotels and more restaurants, most
within walking distance of the Convention Center. Sacramento
offers attendees and planners convenience with ease. Call
800-292-2334 or visit

Quest Drape

1166 Cherry Avenue
San Bruno, CA 94066
Ph: (650) 235-4880

Quest Events is the premier nationwide provider of pipe and drape;
with regionally scenic and furniture rental options. From intimate
settings to conferences across the U.S., Quest Events is bringing
product consolidation to the event rental industry, all while maintaining
the genesis of the company: The Best Drape. The Best Service.
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