MPI Perspective - Summer 2018 - 4




Your Story. Our Chapter.


I can't believe it's here! The beginning of my MPINCC presidency. I am honored to have



the opportunity to lead this wonderful chapter. At the MPINCC GALAxy, I shared my theme
for this upcoming year: YOUR STORY. OUR CHAPTER, meaning each member's story builds a
stronger chapter.
What's my story? Eight years ago, just three days after my wedding, I walked into my first
MPINCC Leadership Retreat as a new co-chair, and as the Talking Heads song goes, I thought,
"How did I get here?"
How DID I get here? Simply, I was asked - the week before the retreat. I told then-President
Matthew Schermerhorn, CMP, HMCC that I was unemployed, living out of boxes and embarrassed.
He responded, "Unemployed? We love that! You have the gift of time! Great for volunteering." So, I
said yes, drove myself to Monterey, participated as much as an intimidated newbie could and then,
during a break, the facilitator pulled me aside. Naturally, given my Catholic school upbringing, I
immediately thought I was in trouble. He looked me straight in the eyes and said in a wise, stern
whisper, "If you want it, you will be chapter president. If you want it." And then, he walked away. I
laughed skeptically and said to myself, "Ha! Chapter president. If I want it. Silly Rick Weaver!"
Had I been Jedi mind tricked? He was right. I did want it. And now, flash forward to 2018, I'm
here. Nervous but ready to serve our membership.
These past two years, we've asked you to IGNITE! INNOVATE! And now, I'm asking you
to ILLUSTRATE! I encourage all MPINCC members to illustrate your stories this year by
volunteering, mentoring, networking and leading. Your story could change someone's path.
You won't know until you share it. So, what's YOUR story? ●


Volunteers are the
Spirit of Our Chapter


I am honored to have been chosen as the new editor for Perspective magazine. It is my


pleasure to work with our new committee of volunteers.
Where would our chapter be without all our great volunteers? They are the engine of MPINCC.
We should all be proud that we have such an amazing group of meeting professionals who
are willing to give their free time and energy to make our chapter strong and be part of the
cutting edge of our industry. Our chapter has a long history of supporting our community while
representing the interests of our many businesses. We realize the meetings industry community
and MPI support each other in many important ways. I look forward to continuing the work of the
Perspective committee, and I would also like to thank the many able volunteer members who give
their time to serve our chapter.
In this issue, we look at the new European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
compliance laws and how they will affect our way of doing business. Yes, we have all been
getting those emails from companies about updating their privacy clauses, but why is this so
important? Also included in the issue, Neil Adams, our chapter's WEC scholarship recipient,
reports on what it was like to attend this memorable event. Then check out photos from the
Annual Gala & Silent Auction, which was once again a great success. Congratulations to Lucinda
Mendoza, CMP, our new President and leader, and to all the wonderful volunteers who were
recognized for the hard work they have done for our chapter.
We are all so busy, but kindly take the time to read our Perspective magazine. This is our story. ●

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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of MPI Perspective - Summer 2018

President’s Message
Editor’s Note
Innovation Corner
Make Your Event the Next Big Thing
MPINCC 2018 Annual Gala & Silent Auction
Data Privacy in Europe under GDPR
IMEX America – A Quick Trip to a ‘Cascade of Cool’
WEC18: 5-4-3-2-1 … Go!
Meetings Minute
Destination: What’s New in LA and San Diego
Member Spotlight
MPINCC New Members
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