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5 Ways to Build a Better ATTENDEE EXPERIENCE BY JEFF HURT VELVET CHAINSAW CONSULTING The experience matters! It is one of the most (over?) used business phrases today. Most business professionals agree that the experience matters to consumers. As consumers, we even agree that our experiences with brands and organizations drive our future buying decisions. So why is it that most conference organizers do not focus on designing the best conference experience possible for all of its stakeholders? Instead, we focus on logistics and details claiming that “designing the experience” belongs to someone else. It is time for meeting professionals across the globe to step up to the plate and say, “I am responsible for the outcomes of my decisions! I am responsible for the attendees’ experience.” And that means we must focus on designing the right experience for our stakeholders! The Experience Matters! Your conference attendees’ experience matters! Seriously, it really, really matters! Your attendees do not return to the next conference because your registration and schedule ran smoothly. They do not return to your next conference because the room sets were organized and there was enough food during breaks. They decide to return to your next conference because they had a great experience at the last one. And when they have a great experience, they tell others about it in addition to returning to your next conference. Jack Morton Worldwide recently released the results from the second Best Experience Brands study. This study focuses on the impact experience has on consumers in the U.S., UK, Australia and China. The research demonstrates that the organizations that will rise to success in the 21st century will be those that focus on customer experience. The study also highlights how real the experience gap is with more than 80 percent of companies. Another way to say it is that 80 percent of organizations surveyed thought that they provided a great experience while, in reality, they did not! I suspect that the experience gap is even higher for conferences as most conference hosts/organizers think they provide a great conference experience, yet their attendees label them average at best. These principles apply to all audiences, touchpoints and media. 1 Invite participation. It’s official. The customer’s active participation in your experience is critical for success. We’ve got to become more design-driven providing Five Experience Principles You Should Adopt and Apply The Jack Morton Best Experience Brands 2013 study identified five core principles for great experience. P E R S P E C T I V E | fall 2013 | 13

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