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MPI WEC 2016 My Trip n w o 'D ' e r o h S e th M BY SUSAN PIEL, CMP MPI's annual conference, the World Education Congress was held in Atlantic City (aka, AC) in June of 2016. The conference started off with the Northern California Chapter having an All-California/Hawaii reception on Saturday evening before the WEC Welcome Reception on the beach just off the boardwalk (aka, the boards). The reception included delicious food samples from the top restaurants in AC, refreshing drinks and plenty of time to greet friends old and new. After the Welcome Reception, we headed down the boards in rolling chairs (AC's answer to pedi cabs) to Steel Pier where we rode rides and had a great time. The Start of a New Adventure BY KATHLEEN MAIER, CMP I've been a member of MPI since 2006. The first MPI event I attended was the Professional Education Congress (PEC) in New Orleans in 2007. It was there I met people who would become lifelong industry friends. It was there I became convinced (or realized) getting involved was the right thing. PEC was the first of many MPI and MPINCC events. Flash forward nine years, I was laid off after 15+ years at a company I thought I'd never leave. I knew I wanted to attend WEC because, in my experience, you can't beat the networking. And now, more than ever, I needed my network. I decided to apply for the MPINCC scholarship. Maybe it was my turn, all those years I didn't apply because I was lucky enough to be employed by a company that believed in education and was willing to pay for it. 12 | P E R S P E C T I V E | On Sunday, The WaterCoolers kicked off the Opening General Session with some great numbers about the life of a planner and how it is the fifth most stressful job in the world. The general session had some unusual seating arrangements, including long tables, bistro tables, high tables, couches and lounge seating. CEO Paul Van Deventer quoted Mohammed Ali: "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth," thanking the volunteer leaders and encourage others to become involved. I got some great tips for helpful websites and apps in the session titled "A Day in the Life of a At the very least, it doesn't hurt to apply. Of the three scholarships available, I won MPI WEC registration. This was made available through MPINCC and I am grateful for this opportunity to continue my professional development. Having grown up on the East Coast, I was excited to go back to Atlantic City. Atlantic City and Caesars did not disappoint. It's always fun to see how host cities will show off their strengths. Atlantic City surpassed my expectations with the opening night event at the beach. The setting was perfect for connecting with friends I haven't seen since last year and enjoying local food and beverage. After a spectacular evening at the beach, it was time to get down to business. MPI, AC and Caesars put together a great show starting with the general session room set. The rules were rewritten by including couches, bars with seating, low cocktail tables and standard rounds and rectangular sets. Stages were in all four corners of the room and the middle. I was impressed with how it all worked.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of MPI Perspective - Fall 2016

President’s Message
Innovation Corner
The Challenges of Planning Smaller Meetings
10 Ways to Millennial-ize Your Meetings
MPI WEC 2016: Scholarship Recipients Share Their Experiences
Thought Leadership
What’s Trending in Event Design
New Member Spotlight
Destination: Denver
MPINCC New Members
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