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Nerdy Meeting Professional." One of the best is that lets you clean up your inbox and helps you unsubscribe from many of your email subscriptions. Another fun one is the Big Box of No, an app that gives you a bunch of different sound buttons that help you to say no when needed. That night was the MPI Foundation's The Big Deal where I came in third at my Texas Hold 'em table - my best finish yet! On Monday, I really enjoyed my chance to attend the Behind the Stage with Freeman program during the Flash Point Idea Assembly. This gave me the chance to sit in the production area and watch and listen in on the technical team and crew. It was interesting to see what all goes on behind the scenes, and the Freeman team was great at answering all of our questions. I really learned a lot. On Monday night, I was treated to a make-up application before dinner and then Train performing at the MPI Foundation Rendezvous. What an incredibly fun concert! The last day of this year's WEC included the Innovation Showcase, where seven new and innovative ideas were presented and judges voted for the one that would have the biggest impact on the meetings industry. The winner was Catchable Box, a throwable microphone that looks like a stuffed cube. It allows you for real audience engagement at meetings. It was fascinating to see what ideas people are coming up with for the industry. The WEC 2017 Preview Lunch sponsored by Las Vegas included a surprise performance by Rick Springfield! The final evening started with an emotional LGBTA Reception that honored the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting and continued with the Closing Night Celebration at Harrah's Pool After Dark. Overall, WEC 2016 was a great event with lots of terrific education, great networking and fabulous entertainment. I can't wait until WEC 2017 in Las Vegas! Dena Blizzard, comedian and One Funny Mother, acted as Mistress of Ceremonies for the whole conference - and she didn't disappoint. Highlights included The WaterCoolers and Sekou Andrews, a poetic voice. Again, the idea of throwing out the rules was emphasized right from the start. The theme of the Flash Point sessions was poignant and insightful. Phil Hansen delivered his presentation titled "Embrace Your Shake" and demonstrated his ability to find creativity within his limitations through live interactive art that had the entire room enthralled. Shiza Shahid told the story of her work with Malala Yousafzai to create the Malala Fund to help the girls of the world become educated. The title of her presentation, "There are No Superheroes, Just Us," clearly establishes that ordinary people do have the power to help the world change. Newly motivated and ready to take on the world, I chose my education sessions with my need for employment in mind and took advantage of the one-on-one career coaching that was Save the available. This was highly valuable to me as WE date for it provided some new ideas for my search. June 19 C 2017, -22 in La sV Networking and education are the two w w w.m Learn more a egas. piweb.o rg/even t significant reasons for me to attend WEC. ts/wec-2 017. But it's also exciting and entertaining. At WEC16, attendees rocked with Train at Rendezvous, screamed and danced with Rick Springfield at the WEC17 MGM/Las Vegas preview lunch, and partied with Redfoo of LMFAO at Harrah's Pool After Dark during the closing event. I am incredibly thankful to MPINCC for the opportunity to attend WEC16 in Atlantic City when my circumstances may have prevented my participation. My experience with MPI since 2006 has been nothing but good. I've been told many times "you get out of it what you put into it," and I'm proud to say that this year, after many years on the fringes, I am serving on the MPINCC Board for the first time as the Director of Marketing. Furthermore, I've started a new job so you could say MPI WEC16 was start of a new life adventure. Thanks, MPINCC! ● MPI WEC 2017 P E R S P E C T I V E | fall 2016 | 13

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of MPI Perspective - Fall 2016

President’s Message
Innovation Corner
The Challenges of Planning Smaller Meetings
10 Ways to Millennial-ize Your Meetings
MPI WEC 2016: Scholarship Recipients Share Their Experiences
Thought Leadership
What’s Trending in Event Design
New Member Spotlight
Destination: Denver
MPINCC New Members
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