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INSIDE THE CHAPTER: MPI TORONTO'S HIDDEN GEMS Interviews by Kate Jaehn-Kreibaum H idden gems are everywhere, and what better way to discover them than right at home. The following interviews represent just a portion of the vast talent that lies within our own chapter. MPI TORONTO'S UNIQUE BUSINESS: AYFER SAMANCIOGLU, SAMAN DESIGN INC. MPI TORONTO'S UP-AND-COMER: JESSICA SILIPO WHAT LED YOU TO A CAREER IN THE MEETINGS AND EVENTS INDUSTRY? WHY OR HOW ARE GRAPHICS AND BRANDING IMPORTANT FOR AN EVENT? After high school, I went to UOIT for nursing, but I realized I wasn't passionate about it. After several conversations with a career counselor, the idea of becoming an event planner came to me and intuition told me to go with it. I planned events in high school for student council and enjoyed it. So, instead of entering my final year of the nursing program, I chose to go to Humber College and take the Tourism and Hospitality-Event Planning Program. I couldn't be happier about my decision! Design is a crucial element in creating signage or any type of communication collateral for meetings and events. Finding different and creative ideas play a very important role in driving traffic and interest for meetings and special events. Good branding gives the impression of a quality meeting to the audience. WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE MEETINGS AND EVENTS INDUSTRY THAT INTERESTS YOU MOST? I have always been fascinated as to how large-scale events are executed successfully. It begins with the courage to propose one idea, and a team of passionate individuals who make the idea become a reality. I've always wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than myself. WHAT OR WHO INSPIRED YOU TO JOIN MPI? My professor Nicole Chuchmach at Humber connected me with her good friend, Stephanie Rapko, who happens to be the Chair of the Awards Gala. Both encouraged me to join MPI, and now I am on this year's Awards Gala committee. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the team! WHAT DOES THE FUTURE OF MEETINGS EDUCATION LOOK LIKE? Although theoretical knowledge helps build a foundation, hands-on experience is so valuable. We need to be given a continued on page 26 12 * ME ETING | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 WHAT MAKES YOUR COMPANY A "HIDDEN GEM"? I feel that we have been a hidden gem for the past 20 years because in the events industry I rarely meet boutique signage companies that have a training, background and passion in art. Most of our other clients are local artists, art galleries and museums.  WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND TO BE THE MOST VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED FROM BEING A BUSINESS OWNER? Be proactive and creative! I have learned that creativity is key and is what sets our work apart from our competitors. Listening to the client and creating proper solutions to their needs takes a mind that is used to thinking outside the box. I have also learned that being friends with my clients and making them feel as if we are in the same team has been the cornerstone to our success. WHERE DO YOU SEE THE EVENTS INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS IN REGARDS TO DESIGN? Design has been around since the 1920s. Although technology is changing our world very quickly, I think design will always be around. The medium might change but creativity and creation of content will always be needed. continued on page 26

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Meeting MPI Toronto - January/February 2015