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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Discover Hidden Gems LEE-ANNE LECKIE, CMP Sales Manager The International Centre Happy 2015! Wow - already the start of the New Year! Where has the time gone? Each year seems to go faster and faster, and we all need to take that time to look at what is going on around us. In this publication, you will be able to read about a number of different areas and ideas that Meeting Professionals International Toronto Chapter 6700 Century Ave. Suite 100 Mississauga, ON L5N 6A4 Tel: 905-567-9591 Fax: 1-866-768-8168 you may not have thought about - some Hidden Gems! Different venues, locations, and some of Published by: Canada's best kept secrets. When you think of the MPI Toronto Chapter, are we a Hidden Gem!? I once said to a prospective client very early in my career that where I was working at the time was the area's "best kept secret." After they left I thought about that statement and wondered: If we are a "secret," then are we doing our jobs? If we want business, then we should be promoting and shouting from the rooftops on the great successes that we have had. Do we really endorse how wonderful MPI is and the opportunities it provides to its members? Where else can you get superior education and amazing networking (the two highest responses on our surveys as to why members attend our events)? The 2014-2015 Leadership Team is already halfway through the year, and we do hope that you have been able to take part in the many different types of events that we have been offering to our 1630 Ness Ave. Suite 300 Winnipeg, MB R3J 3X1 Tel: 800-665-2456 Fax: 204-947-2047 Publisher: Robert Phillips membership. We have had our very successful Volunteer Recognition and AGM event, a full day Project Manager: Kim Davies of extensive high-level Professional Development, our November Signature Series event using the Editor: Sarah Sain campfire sessions technique, and our annual Holiday Fundraising Gala. We hope these events Group Publisher & Sales Manager: Bill McDougall helped each of you find a gem, whether it is a new connection, new piece of information or an original idea. Coming up we have a number of great events, including Professional Development, Signature Series events, our Annual Awards Gala in March, National Meetings Industry Day in April, our Toronto Education Conference in June and our Annual Golf Tournament. Do you know of a Hidden Gem that MPI Toronto should possibly look at as a venue for an upcoming event? Tell us; we want to hear from you. The Leadership Team will be working on the next three-year Strategic Plan for the MPI Toronto Chapter at our upcoming Leadership Summit. Are there any areas that you, the member, would like to see us review? Should you have any suggestions, please reach out to any of our Leadership team members and give us your feedback. I do hope you enjoy this publication, and, once again, hats off to the Communications Committee! Best regards, Marketing: Katie Doerksen Book Leader: Norma Walchuk Sales Representatives: Heidi Burgess, Breanne Calvert, Tabitha McCullough-Zintel, Arlene Nowicki, Megan Stanley Design & Layout: Paramjeet Kaur ©2014 Naylor (Canada) Inc. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of the publisher. Publications Mail Agreement No. 40064978 Lee-Anne Leckie, CMP PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2014/ MPT-S0115/4314 | MEETING * 5

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President’s Message
Editor’s Word
Welcome, New Members!
Upcoming Events
Discovering Toronto’s Best Kept Secrets – A Venue Guide
Entertainment Trend Forecast 2015
Inside the Chapter: MPI Toronto’s Hidden Gems
Canada’s Hidden Gems: Ready to Welcome and Delight Groups of All Sizes
Hiding in Plain Sight: The New Niagara
Secrets for Effective Negotiation and Getting What You Want
Chapter Speaks
Attendee Engagement – Try Something New!
The Rise of Restaurant-Inspired Events
Destination Winnipeg
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Meeting MPI Toronto - January/February 2015