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EDITOR'S WORD Looking for Gems? Look Closer... It seems that meeting planners are constantly on the hunt for Hidden Gems. Whether it's a service provider, destination or a magic app. We all want to provide our internal and external clients with what's new, original, reliable and will fit our clients' expectations, budget and culture. The list seems long and the tasks daunting; and considering the meeting planner's job is one of the most stressful jobs, having to deal with a lot of details and coordination between multiple stakeholders and service providers just adds to the list. So the question now is: "How can meeting planners stay up to date and connected with what's happening in order to identify and get first hand access to these hidden gems?" Your EE TING Th is issue of M ssible would not be po rts of without the effo embers the following m nto of the MPI Toro un ications Chapter Com m Com m ittee: ren (Chair), Mariella Irivar on, Ellen Boddingt , Annette Frymer aum, Kate Jaeh n-Kreib i Lubek, Petar Josic, Mick gh lin, Arianna McLau ndsey Press, Jebbie Mosa, Li , Paola Silk Di na Sibelli no ht, CAE. and Nik ki Wrig sted in Are you intere m ittee or joi ni ng our com article? Email subm itt ing an us at office@m answer is MPI. Even as members of MPI, we sometime overlook our very own gems within our chapter, like for instance, scholarships! Many members are not aware of the available number of scholarships within MPI Toronto Chapter. How did I know that? Good question. The number of applications requesting scholarship indicates one of two things: 1) None of our members want to use a little more money for education or to attend a conference, or 2) Members are not aware of the existence of scholarships and education funds available to them. Please help us spread the word about our scholarship availability. We as members of MPI Toronto Chapter are so fortunate to have available funds for education, one thing that other chapters or other industries would love to have. If you want to learn more about available education funds, please visit Another way of looking at Hidden Gems, or "Talents," is looking inside your own office or organization. We may have a hidden talent within our team or maybe in another department or division, for example, someone who enjoys playing a musical instrument and would be willing to play during a year-end social event or a coffee break during an annual meeting. It's a creative way to possibly add an entertainment element to an event that historically didn't have a budget for it, while showing appreciation for your own people. The more I think about it, I feel that we are surrounded by Hidden Gems and we just need to look closer and share. When we share our knowledge, goals and objectives with our teams, family and friends, magic happens! It's in our own circle that we will find the Hidden Gems we are constantly looking for. In this issue of ME TING magazine, we will reveal a lot of secrets and many Hidden Gems. To name a few, we will talk about Toronto's ONLY tequila sommeliers, ideas for challenges involving potato cannons!?, 2015 trends as the increase demand for beat boxers, and many more! "TEAM" is our next issue's theme - How do we build them? How do we join them? How do we motivate them? How do we keep them? There are a lot of questions that we are seeking answers for. Please write us and tell us why you think your team is the best team ever and we will publish the winning story. I'm so fortunate to be working with groups of dedicated professionals our Leadership TEAM at MPI Toronto chapter, our Board of Directors TEAM, our Communication Committee TEAM, our Publisher Naylor Association Solutions TEAM and, last but not least, our MPI Toronto office TEAM and the incredible support and guidance they provide to us on daily basis. Thank you! Tamer Mecky, CEM Mecky & Co. 6 * ME ETING | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015

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Editor’s Word
Welcome, New Members!
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Discovering Toronto’s Best Kept Secrets – A Venue Guide
Entertainment Trend Forecast 2015
Inside the Chapter: MPI Toronto’s Hidden Gems
Canada’s Hidden Gems: Ready to Welcome and Delight Groups of All Sizes
Hiding in Plain Sight: The New Niagara
Secrets for Effective Negotiation and Getting What You Want
Chapter Speaks
Attendee Engagement – Try Something New!
The Rise of Restaurant-Inspired Events
Destination Winnipeg
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Meeting MPI Toronto - January/February 2015