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VS. REALITY: DEBUNKING PLANNER STEREOTYPES Ellen Boddington, CMP, CMM MYTH REALITY PLANNER SUBMISSION: Your job is to plan parties. Our job is strategic and one piece of a larger initiative. We always tie our events to business objectives and measure their success on the event's ability to meet and exceed these objectives. Events can be a considerable expense, and we have a lot of people to answer to on ROI. Natalie Ciarallo, Event Manager, TD Bank Group Things get done on their own. We are so skilled at our job, that we do tasks seamlessly and are always one step ahead. Susannah Frances, CMP Senior Event Planner, Sun Life Financial Your job is so glamourous! Our job can take us to beautiful and breathtaking destinations, but it's far from glamourous. Behind the scenes, we're working 18 hour days and our feet never touch those sandy beaches or ocean waters! Laura Tucker, Operations Manager, The Wynford Group Event planners simply spend money. Hosting a meeting costs money. However, a stronger emphasis is placed on the ROI it has for the organization. A meeting professional must not only manage spend responsibly and demonstrate ROI, but also create an environment that allows the company to generate revenue. Lindsey Press, Manager, Event Based Marketing BMO Financial Group Event planners do not require access to senior leadership. To achieve the highest ROI, a meetings professional must have a firm pulse on a company's objectives as it relates to branding, client experience and budget. This is imperative information to help us to hire the most effective keynote speaker, select an appropriate meeting location and create the best possible learning environment for internal teams. Lindsey Press Manager, Event Based Marketing BMO Financial Group An administrative assistant can do it. Event professionals need to have very strong skills and experience in many areas - project management, food and beverage, AV, budget management, vendor negotiations, team building, strategic meeting management to name a few! Andrea Boulden, Manager, TD Bank Group Stellar Conference & Event Management Inc. A hh, the myths about our industry seem countless. Sometimes we find them funny, but mostly we find them downright irritating. Event planners are some of the hardest working, efficient and skilled people on the planet. While the work can sometimes be glamorous, well-paid and fun, much more of it is grounded in an amazing work ethic, meticulous planning, creative flair and professional acumen. So in an effort to crush the myths about our industry, I've asked for a little help from fellow planners in the industry to help us identify and dispel some of these stereotypes. ● Ellen Boddington is the President at Stellar Conference & Event Management Inc. and can be reached at Event planning is fun. Well, elements of event planning can be fun. But it's not all tasting dinners and choosing entertainment. See if any of this sounds like fun to you: Your annual conference for 500 people is cancelled on a week's notice. The boxes you shipped were misdirected and your event is in 36 hours. The keynote speaker will be introduced in 5 minutes, and he hasn't yet arrived. Your client's event budget is cut by 30 per cent two days before the event. Every one of those things and more has really happened to me or a planner I know. Yeah, event planning is a laugh riot! 16 * MEETING | MARCH/APRIL 2016 | LINKEDIN: MPI TORONTO CHAPTER Helen Van Dongen, CMP, CMM Principal The Meeting Works

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Meeting MPI Toronto - March/April 2016