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SELLING TO THE BUYERS OF TODAY Dinesh Kandanchatha Macadamian Technologies, Interview by Elise Taylor, EventMobi T here has never been a better time to sell. With the rise of the digital age come new ways to sell and prospect to the buyers of today. I have been lucky enough to work along some of the best minds in sales, including Dinesh Kandanchatha, a high-performance engineer, managing director, advisor, consultant, mentor and sales coach to various companies in North America. His LinkedIn profile notes an impressive resume of helping teams increase sales numbers and build success stories. He also has event industry ties, so of course, I was driven to pick his brain! Just how does he sell to the buyers of today? HOW DO YOU PROSPECT AND QUALIFY A CLIENT? 1. Build a high probability customer profile. Make sure to include your title, company size, etc. (LinkedIn is a great tool for this.) Qualify your prospects before you start calling6_Selling.docx them. Make sure everyone you call would be an awesome client - that way you can justify investing in 870 words prospecting him or her for the long term! 2 images 2. Set realistic of getting through to that large a number in the likelihood between busy daily activities is really low. Instead, set a Kandanchatha_Dinesh.jpg> targetTable of Contents for the Digital Edition of Meeting MPI Toronto - March/April 2016 President’s Message
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Meeting MPI Toronto - March/April 2016