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By Peter Bruyere I LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: TOP REASONS WHY VENUE SELECTION IS KEY n real estate, they say location is key. When it comes to hosting your meeting, it is as much about the venue as it is the event. As you put together your attendee list and agenda, you should keep in mind how the venue will help shape the tone and feel of the event. An offsite meeting often involves transportation, accommodation, and food and beverage. Each event is crafted with a purpose in mind, often with defined objectives and a specific takeaway. It would be a shame to have all of your hard work undermined by selecting the wrong location, where the takeaway is more about the deficiencies of the venue than the positive results of the meeting. TAKE THE BUS 10 If the meeting is attended by locals, make sure that your venue is easily accessible by public transit and there is adequate, affordable parking. Make sure you communicate parking rates (if any) to your delegates. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE 5 MIND THE BOTTOM LINE While cost should not be the sole determining factor when selecting a venue, everyone has a budget these days. When speaking to the venue, ask if the venue is willing to add value to improve the event experience for your delegates - and your bottom line. 9 Make sure you have a separate meal room from the main meeting room. You don't want banquet staff setting up the buffet during the presentation. Moving from one room to the next also gives your group a chance to stretch their legs and get the blood flowing again. AN ARMY MARCHES ON THEIR STOMACH 4 An integral part of any venue choice is the food and beverage component. If the room is spectacular and the environment inspiring, the food should be as well. A well-fed group is a happy group. DEDICATED SERVICE 8 When selecting your venue, ask if there will be a dedicated representative for the duration of your event. You want to make sure that there will be somebody there to respond to your call when the room is too warm or the coffee is cold. THE WOW FACTOR 3 ALL WORK AND NO PLAY 7 If your meeting involves an overnight, make sure there are restaurants and activities in the area for your delegates to go out and enjoy after the daylong session. These evening outings can become an extension of the meeting, great bonding time with colleagues. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX 2 LET THERE BE LIGHT 6 People, just like plants, need light. Make sure your meeting room has natural light, otherwise you may find more than one delegate wilting midway through the session. If you want an inspired, engaged audience, give them an inspired, engaging venue. If your budget allows, take your meeting upscale and give them a venue they have never been to before. Wow them so they too can wow you. Try to find a unique and visually attractive venue, and try to avoid those "boxy air-walled" ballrooms as much as possible. If you want people to be alive and creative, then given them creative environment in which to meet. SIZE MATTERS 1 Make sure the size of the meeting room fits the size of your meeting. If the room is too large, it can feel cavernous and unwelcoming. If it is too small, your delegates may feel enclosed and distracted. Peter Bruyere is the Director of Sales & Marketing of Trump International Hotel & Tower, Toronto and can be reached at 14 * MEETING | MAY/JUNE 2014

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