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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: WAYS TO ELEVATE THE OVERALL EVENT EXPERIENCE 10. DISCOVER YOUR ATTENDEE'S PASSION 5. PROMOTE "INDUSTRY CELEBRITIES" Assume you are throwing a charity poker gala raising money for arthritis. What brought your attendees together? Was it their passion for helping others or their love for poker? Hosting an auction, offering cash prizes or trips to Las Vegas are ways to make connections, keeping attendees engaged. Promote events offering opportunities for attendees to connect with "industry celebrities." Attendees can be encouraged to take pictures of speakers, uploading them to the event's website. They should say why that speaker inspired them informing others about the useful advice they obtained. - Anahit Dervishyan, Hospitality & Tourism Student, Ryerson University, - Michelle Tiam Fook 9. SET UP A MEDIA CORNER 4. USE MOBILE EVENT APPS Set up a media corner at event asking attendees about their overall experience. Guests will translate this approach into a genuine interest for event organizers gaining valued feedback. Post event, send attendees personalized, handwritten cards with media highlights of event to keep the momentum going. Using mobile event apps puts all the event content in one place. Link social media to the app, have a discussion forum allowing attendees to ask questions, and give attendees the option to post their name and email on an attendee directory to contact one another after the event. - Anahit Dervishyan - Erinea Gloria, B.Comm. Wedding Assistant, Envision Wedding & Events, 8. CREATE EVENT DOWN TIME 3. CREATE A TEASER VIDEO Build a unique environment where there is "down time" at the event so attendees can socialize out of the conference environment and build stronger connections, as they may be likely to remember the non-business aspect of the event even more. Posting teaser videos on social media outlets will get attendees excited about the event. Courtney Stanley and Shannan Scott made a teaser video for their Gen Y session at WEC 2013, that's why I attended their talk. Take clips throughout event and create a recap video to be shared online. - Kate Jahen-Kreibaum, Special Event Planning Student, George Brown College, - Kate Jahen-Kreibaum, Special Event Planning Student, George Brown College, 7. HOST A MINI EVENT 2. CREATE A HASHTAG Create series of mini events leading up to the larger one, where attendees are constantly engaged - create an activity connecting all the events in a unique way. Create mini event conversations on social media sites creating a forum where attendees can reminisce on their experiences or provide valuable feedback. Establishing hashtags assists in obtaining useful feedback. When creating hashtags, choose something short and memorable to ensure it sticks in attendees minds. Don't forget to promote it during the planning process and throughout the event itself so people are familiar with what to use while they're tweeting. - Kate Jahen-Kreibaum - Kristy Morris, B.Comm., Event Services Representative, Data-Text Event Services Inc., 6. ENCOURAGE ONLINE ATTENDANCE 1. DEVELOP AN EVENT MICROSITE Allow user-generated content as attendees blog about their experiences at your event to create a buzz. Based on this post-event online contribution, provide thank you gifts and incentives for future events for those who contributed. Promote the event itself with a microsite. Traffic can be established through a social media campaign. Encourage attendees to upload pictures of segments that stood out most to them post event onto microsite to win prizes. Remember that it has to be interesting enough to grab your attendee's attention. - Michelle Tiam Fook, Event Intern, Meetings + Incentive Travel, - Kristy Morris | MEETING * 15

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Location, Location, Location: Top 10 Reasons Why Venue Selection is Key
Student Spotlight: Top 10 Ways to Elevate the Overall Event Experience
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Think Outside the Meeting Room: Top 10 Ways to Create Experiential Learning
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