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CREATE A BUZZ: By Gail Bruenning, CMM E TOP 10 EVENT MARKETING TIPS ffectively promoting your event requires strategic thinking and a smart implementation plan. Writing an event marketing plan is key. Not only will it help to identify goals and objectives of the event, it will serve as a tool to help define your target audience, messaging, promotional tactics, costs and performance indicators. Below are proven strategic and tactical marketing tips and recommendations to consider when marketing your event. Remember, better planning leads to a better outcome! ANALYZE, MEASURE, REPORT 10 It is critical to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. By doing so, you will be in a better position to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, and tweak your plan, if necessary. After the event, formalize a report to demonstrate the business value of the meeting/event to your client. Then use it as a performance benchmark for subsequent events. DEVELOP A COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY Write a communications plan and allow ample time to generate awareness. Consider dividing your campaign into mini phases and focus your communications on each one for a pre-determined period of time. 5 BE CREATIVE 9 CREATE CLEAR, COMPELLING EMAILS Emails are a great way to reach your audience quickly and inexpensively. Be strategic with the number of emails you deploy and the delivery of them. Communicate clearly and include a strong call-to-action. The event, along with its value proposition, should be supported by creative that captures the attitude and emotion of your event. Hold a brainstorm session and come up with an exciting event theme or attention-grabbing campaign headline to engage your audience. 4 KNOW YOUR TARGETS/AUDIENCE ENGAGE! 8 It is essential to build a strong engagement strategy to help drive awareness to your event. Social media should be a primary tactic. Select one or two channels (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) to communicate and create a flight plan to manage your postings. Develop an event hashtag and include it in your marketing to create greater engagement. HARNESS THE POWER OF THE WEB 7 A mobile-compatible website or web portal will add greater impact to your event and provides a pathway for transactions. Reference the web URL in all your marketing tactics to increase traffic. To add credibility, include photos, testimonials, videos, a list of registered attendees and sponsors! USE A MIX OF TACTICS 6 Target audience, budget and geography will all influence what promotional tactics to best use. Integrating a mix of traditional with digital promotions and public relations will maximize your reach. Think of it as building a diversified portfolio. It is very important to clearly identify and define who you want to reach. Think about their key motivators, language styles and preferences. Creating multiple target segments is ideal. Knowing your audience will save you time, energy and money in your campaigns, and yield better results. 3 IDENTIFY THE WHY? A value proposition is a clear statement that communicates the unique attributes of your event and provides a strong reason "why" your target audience(s) should attend. Defining the "why" and integrating it within all marketing tactics is important to ensure that your messaging is as consistent and as compelling as possible. 2 SET YOUR OBJECTIVES Establish performance expectations against which you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Defining SMART goals is one way to accomplish this: Specific (who, what, where when and why), Measurable (How will marketing efforts be measured?), Attainable (Can objectives be achieved within timeframe?), Realistic (Are resources equipped to accomplish the job?) and Time (timeline to promote your event). 1 Gail Bruenning, CMM, is the Marketing Manager of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and can be reached at 16 * MEETING | MAY/JUNE 2014

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