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THINK OUTSIDE THE MEETING ROOM: By Sarah Murray, CMP C onferences are more than just attending a general session; they are an assembly of people sharing similarities, whether it is related to their work industry or personal interests. Post-conference survey results are increasingly proving that many attendees claim their greatest conference experiences happened outside the meeting room. This is where attendees are given the opportunity to relax, and it is an important time to strengthen partnerships and network with colleagues. Meeting planners are challenged to creatively think outside the box as it relates to team-building and hosted activities. The following are examples of successful "outside the meeting room" activities. 10 FARM-TO-TABLE CULINARY EXCURSION Visit a local food market with a local chef. The group will purchase locally grown produce and meat, and return to a cooking facility where you participate in a cooking class and prepare unique dishes to savour as a team! 9 CUSTOM 30-MINUTE WORKOUT ROUTINE As a group, you will have the opportunity to meet with a qualified personal trainer and create your own 30-minute workout routine to do at home and while on the road for future use. 8 CAR RALLY THROUGH THE CITY! A great way to take in the sights of the city your group is visiting! Guests will be given a unique vehicle (convertible or perhaps an old antique car) and will have the opportunity to navigate through the city using a live GPS system that highlights unique sights of the city. 7 6 "PAY IT FORWARD" Participants are split into teams of four and given $100 cash. They are then given instruction to "go out and do good" or "pay it forward" within the community. After approximately two hours, the team will report back with how they spent their money. They are judged on creativity, originality and impact on the community. CULINARY EXPLOSION If the program is being held in a city, obtain a "Top 10" list of popular local restaurants from the CVB or hotel concierge. Arrange for an afternoon of "tastings" where participants can go to the restaurants and savour a small plate of the most popular dishes on the menu. BEACH OLYMPICS WITH DJ AND MC A classic team-building activity with a spin! If the program is being held at a resort or sun and sand destination, take advantage of the beach and host a beach Olympics for the afternoon. A high energy DJ and local sports enthusiast will create the setting for an exhilarating activity! BUILD A BIKE FOR CHARITY A popular activity - fun and philanthropy combined into one! Teams of four are given a bike in a box and tools to assemble as they compete to construct a children's bike! Partnering with a local charity, the bikes are then distributed, in person by the attendees to children in the city! RELAX AND NETWORK! 4 3 2 Decompress in a tranquil environment created especially for the group - an ergonomically designed lounge, a perfect area for resting feet and releasing any tension ... while connecting with colleagues. Tablets and cell phones must be left at a charging station at the entrance - they need to be recharged, too! MINIATURE GOLF COURSE BUILD This fun, socially responsible team builder requires the group to design and create a one-of-a-kind mini golf course using canned food. The group will be given a box of nonperishable food, green carpeting and building materials. Once the competition is complete, the canned food will be boxed and loaded onto trucks by participants, then donated to a local food bank. 5 MIXOLOGY RACE! 1 Learn how to create exceptional cocktails to participating in a cocktail-making race! A sommelier and mixologist create an activity where participants are put into groups and given the opportunity unleash their inner bartender, creating their own signature cocktail! They are judged on taste, and the winning signature drink will be served at the closing reception! Sarah Murray, CMP, is an Account Executive of Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. and can be reached at | MEETING * 17

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