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THE GENERATIONAL DIVIDE: By Trevor Lui O DIFFERENCES YOU NEED TO KNOW AS A TEAM LEADER ne of the biggest challenges we face in our industry is our inability to successfully pair our event professionals in different generations commensurate with the total amount of people there are. With a record number of people choosing business meetings as a career and potentially a mass exodus in the coming years, an impending void will require filling. Success will be rated not on how we "used to" manage our people and businesses, but how we adapt to the changing needs of today and prepare for a sustained future. As an industry, we need to evaluate the key touch points and find a way to better understand each other. This is a topic gaining tremendous momentum and one that should continue to spur intriguing conversations. TECHNOLOGY MENTOR AND COACH 9 8 "Speed of the leader, speed of the pack." Be there with your team when you are managing expectations, through thick and thin. Loyalty is built; respect is earned. Leaving a legacy is forever. Develop a company mentoring program and see how it can spur change - it's priceless. SHORT-DOSE MEETINGS 10 It is our best friend and our worst enemy. Where dialup phones and pagers were the norm, understanding pinpoint topics inside 140 characters is key, and yes that means email is also on its way out. REVERSE MENTOR The younger the generation, the shorter the attention span - that's why TedX Talks are so successful. Make them short, to the point and impactful. And yes, that means no bar graphs and pie charts - yuck! Just because you're the boss or manager, it doesn't mean you know everything. Successful mentorship is a two-way street, not a cul de sac. The more you know about your team, the easier it is to manage. BE A "DO-GOODER" Making money is good business. How you do it will help you retain the best people. People, planet, profit: The triple bottom line is the perfect balance. "SOCIAL"-IZE 6 4 "GOO-GOO, GA-GA" You don't speak or manage everyone the same way. Just like you wouldn't speak to an adult in baby gibberish, you need to understand your audience and what method works best with each generation. Yes, you might need to learn words like "hashtag," "selfie" and "besties." 3 SMARTER NOT HARDER Don't prevent your staff from using social media; embrace and promote it and integrate it into your business ... they'll be your best brand advocates. The days where rating employee value and loyalty by hours worked are gone. Judge your staff on the quality of their work. If they can take an eight-hour job and "blow off the doors" in 4, you should count yourself lucky. REINFORCE 7 5 CELEBRATE Money talks, but it isn't everything. Younger generations sometimes just want to know that you're listening. Get out of your ivory tower and join the masses, pat some backs and slap some high-fives. Yes, have impromptu celebratory sessions to reward your staff. And be cool about it; call in a food truck for lunch or do a group hot yoga class. A craft beer here and there won't hurt either. Coffee gift cards suck. 2 1 Trevor Lui is the Director of Operations and Sustainability of The International Centre and can be reached at | MEETING * 19

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Location, Location, Location: Top 10 Reasons Why Venue Selection is Key
Student Spotlight: Top 10 Ways to Elevate the Overall Event Experience
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