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THE EVOLUTION OF MEETINGS: TOP10PAST DECADE CHANGES IN THE By Paul Van Deventer r T he meeting and event industry has evolved significantly in the last 10 years, and it continues to change. Technology has y drastically enhanced content delivery, multigenerational audiences are the norm, and the old ways of engaging attendees ational are not as effective. In addition, meeting planners must find a balance between keeping their events both sustainable and nners profitable. At Meeting Professionals International (MPI), we make it our business to monitor the industry and to transform ernational monito with it in order to better serve you. 10 HOSTED BUYER The trade show format has seen a dramatic en shift as planners seek to provide the best ROI for exhibiting organizations as well as anizations attendees. Since its first inception at conferences rst for meeting professionals, the hosted buyer ssionals, format has grown in popularity and is now being own utilized in other industries. 9 8 7 6 SHORT LEAD TIMES Short lead times have become the norm and meeting professionals have adapted to this means of doing business, both on the planner and supplier sides. 5 MEETING DESIGN Influenced by the younger generations attending gen and working on meetings and events, as well as ev the desire to hone in on how best to educate and engage, all aspects of meetings have - and continue to a be - re-imagined. The popularity of TED conferences co has undoubtedly contributed to this. 4 COMMUNICATIONS From free global video conferencing (e.g., Skype and Google Hangouts) and hybrid meetings to social media, the manner in which meeting professionals and attendees communicate has opened up dramatically. CSR Not only are planners paying more attention to limiting waste through recycling and digitizing materials, but venues are focusing on this as well (i.e., LEED certification), and even attendees are getting in on the game by volunteering onsite re to help the host communities and more. INDIES ES Rise in independent planners was dependent n predicted in 2003 as a trend and has continued to grow, especially as a reaction to the down economy. my. ROI Demonstrating the value of meetings f has become more important and the Meetings Mean Business movement is a ement result of the need to prove the value of meetings and of the industry. Multiple economic impact studies have also been conducted globally to ly prove how meetings impact the overall economy. nomy. 3 2 1 ECONOMY Planners and other meeting professionals have adapted to a shifting economy by adjusting hiring practices, meeting design and budgets. TECHNOLOGY Smartphones, tablets and all of those wonderful apps have expanded the idea of what's possible. Communications, productivity and even conference programs can now all be utilized with a w single device. 'MEETING PROFESSI PROFESSIONAL' AS A CAREER Most meeting and event professionals, when sa asked, will say they just fell into the meeting and event industr But now, as university programs industry. expand and associations help tell the story of the a indus industry, students are specifically pursuing careers as meeting professionals. Paul Van Deventer is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Meeting Professionals International and can be reached at cutive Profess This article was the effort of the entire MPI Glo Global Team. | MEETING * 9

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Location, Location, Location: Top 10 Reasons Why Venue Selection is Key
Student Spotlight: Top 10 Ways to Elevate the Overall Event Experience
Create a Buzz: Top 10 Event Marketing Tips
Think Outside the Meeting Room: Top 10 Ways to Create Experiential Learning
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