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WE TRUST WHAT WE SEE! - IMPROVE YOUR SPEAKING AND YOUR SPEAKERS WITH WINNING BODY LANGUAGE A s an event professional, chances are towards them. The less you show, the more they you have to present to an audience make those feelings and intentions up, and tend to now and again. Sometimes under default towards the negative. extreme pressure! You may be speaking to kick off an event you have organized, pitching for business, getting your new ideas 2 SPEAK FROM YOUR BELLY Place your hands in what I have trademarked heard by your organization, or perhaps keeping an Mark Bowden, TRUTHPLANE® the TruthPlane® . The horizontal plane that extends event buoyant while your assistant runs off to find 180 degrees out of your navel area to allow the speaker that's gone AWOL! your audience to sense that you can be trusted. I've coached thousands of speakers, even Bringing the audience's unconscious attention some of the world's best and those who regularly to this vulnerable area of your body makes them speak internationally to diverse audiences big and feel that you have nothing to hide, are open to small. So here for you now are my Top 10 body them, and are very confident. By assuming this language tips to win trust immediately when you physicality, you will feel open and confident too. find yourself speaking in front of any audience, any time. By using these techniques, you and the speakers that you may need to help will shine - 3 SHOW YOUR HANDS Show your palms open with nothing in your and how well the speakers performs is ultimately hands to let others know that you mean no one of the most visible and memorable indicators harm and are speaking for their benefit. This is a to an organization. universally recognized 'friendly' gesture. 1 PUT YOUR BODY ON DISPLAY When speaking, have a lavaliere or handheld mic and step away from the podium. If sitting, pull your chair back from the table - in short, 4 INVITE THE AUDIENCE IN When someone else is speaking, for example in the Q&A session, keep your hands in the TruthPlane® to show you are open to what they display more of your body. Your audience's say. By making small and subtle inviting gestures instinctual "reptilian" brain and emotional with your hands in towards you, you convey the "limbic" brain need to see your body to decide feeling that you want to know more from them. what they think your intentions and feelings are This gesture makes presenter and audience alike 14 * ME ETING | MAY/JUNE 2015

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President’s Message
Editor’s Word
Welcome, New Members!
Upcoming Events
Food Trends for 2015
Getting a Grasp on Contracts
The New High-End Look of Toronto
We Trust What We See! – Improve Your Speaking and Your Speakers with Winning Body Language
The New Frontier of Event Design is Right Under Your Nose
Experience Design: Linking the Planner’s Sight to the Audience’s Mind
All Welcome: Meetings Made Accessible
Chapter Speaks
ECOS Highlights
Destination: Alberta
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Meeting MPI Toronto - May/June 2015