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THE NEW FRONTIER OF EVENT DESIGN IS RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE W hat's new? What's different? What's out there? When we're sitting down with the proverbial creative blank sheet, we all ask ourselves how to keep our meetings and events fresh. FRESH is precisely the direction we are heading. If that makes no sense, let's consider - well - scents. Engaging the olfactory sense is an exciting new frontier for hospitality and event design. Although relatively new to this industry, manipulating scent has been used in retail for decades. Food outlets and theme parks have deployed chemically manufactured fragrances to lure customers into their stores with great success. Perhaps unknowingly, we've all been seduced by the aromas of coffee, chocolate, burned sugar and cinnamon which were strategically pumped into the air as we walked through a mall. Now this scent-diffusing technology is making its way into the event space. "Much like music, we've seen scent used at events both in the background and as an accent," says Mark Fine of AirMagic Special Effects. A subtle hint of jasmine was released as attendees walked into a Chinese New Years' Function. At a product launch, a food company punctuated a "big reveal" with a blast of a related scent. "It really made the new product come to life in a way that engaged not only the eyes, but the nose as well." Scent emitting diffusers are small canisters with thousands of stock fragrances available, with options to customize a scent for clients and companies. The rate at which scent is emitted from a canister can be pre-set from a subtle waft to a blast. Canisters can be rented by special effects specialists and can be set up to work on their own timers or with a DMX system, controlled by lighting technicians. In the last decade, large hotel chains have been using custom scents as part of their branding. Smell is unique for its link to emotion and associative memory. By controlling the use of the signature scent, a hotel is able to create a desirable and inviting atmosphere for guests, evoking the personality of the brand, elevating the senses and Micki Lubek, CMP, Scotiabank creating memories. These custom scents have become so popular with guests, that many hotels have extended the application of the fragrance, 16 * ME ETING | MAY/JUNE 2015

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The New Frontier of Event Design is Right Under Your Nose
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Meeting MPI Toronto - May/June 2015