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CHAPTER SPEAKS "At Rock the Stars events people are engaged through hearing (music), touch (musical instruments are tactile) and sight (colourful costumes). Taste and smell can be a challenge. We recently did an event over dinner and encouraged the caterer to use popular music for inspiration. We ended up with a signature Back in Black cocktail (black zambuka and vodka) and food selections like Smashed Pumpkins (orange mashed potatoes), Lucy in the Sky Sliders, and AC/DC Deconstructed Steak Sandwich. All five senses were engaged increasing the impact of the event and the WOW factor for guests." - Stewart Hall, Founder at Rock the Stars "Make your next reception more interactive with pairing stations. Guests will engage their senses by not only tasting specially selected wines, beers or scotches, but evaluating their different hues and scents. Team-building activities and interactive breaks also offer great opportunities to engage the senses of your attendees. Have you thought about having a "create your own perfume" kiosk or a photography challenge that takes attendees outdoors? Perhaps a yoga or meditation break will re-energize the group." - Lindsey Press, Event Manager HOW HAVE YOU USED THE 5 SENSES TO WOW YOUR ATTENDEES? "It was my first large event - a Christmas party. In the past, they had been known to have low attendance and be very plain and basic. With a little negotiation, we got the boss to approve a larger budget to "spice up" the party. We ended up getting simple yet powerful up lighting, snowflake gobos for our "Winter Wonderland" theme, and coloured linens and chair covers, as well as centrepieces. The reaction when every guests walked into the room was simply: WOW! I believe we appealed to their visual senses the most in this case to create that wow factor. The simple decor made a huge difference!" - Mariella Irivarren, Event Manager 24 * ME ETING | MAY/JUNE 2015 "One way we have been "WOW-ing" our guests' visual senses is through technology. Things like 360 degree immersive screens and runway stages bringing presenters into the audience keep our audiences engaged and keep their eyes on our content." - Arianna McLaughlin, Event Manager at Deloitte "Music is a huge way to bring life to the experience. Even if it is background music during networking, a thoughtout playlist is an easy way to perk people up. Sometimes throwing in a different version of a well-known song (an acoustic version or a remix) makes for a natural conversation starter." - Micki Lubek, Event Planner at Scotiabank

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Meeting MPI Toronto - May/June 2015